good deals on prada, fendi, burberry, tods, and marc jabobs!!!

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  1. xxxxxxx

    check out above link... i actually looked it up at the better business bureau website and this looks legit...

    what do you guys think???
  2. I would be cautious if I were you. There's to many websites like that. You might have better luck finding something on eBay and having some memebers help you to authentic it.
  3. ^^^ i agree...:yes:
  4. prices seem to low to be authentic. i wouldn't risk it.
  5. I agree there are many websites like this but, if you notice, they mostly all have the exact same merchandise and the Prada prices are usually the lowest vs. the MJ or the Tod's. These are all old styles and can be authentic...certainly not current yet some are considered classic. Also, I know that, for example, MJ changed production factories a few seasons back and there were bags available from the first factory they used. Zippers may be different but I think you can consider them authentic as they were available at retail at one point. Every producer/factory has to get rid of older merchandise...the styles on this website have all been around a very long time.
  6. Prices are way too low and they don't show enough pictures to verify the authenticity.
  7. Nope, those MJ bags are all kinds of wrong. The black Stella is no longer being produced, and this website says they're on "backorder." If the MJs are fake (which they are), then I wouldn't trust the authenticity of any of their other products, either.
  8. wow! thanks everyone for all your feedback!!!

    meanwhile, i thought the whole better business bureau stamp meant something.. :sad:

    guess you really can't be sure nowadays...

    again, thanks for all your input!!! you guys saved me a few hundred dollars... :smile:
  9. This site carries bags that are definitely fake.. I am so tired of seeing the same photos used in these types of websites. It's like the same person who keeps changing the name and address but uses the same photos and page format over and over again.... The MJ mulitpockets and Stellas are the wrong shape. And there's no way that this is old season stuff, black MJs with silver hardware are rare and still highly sought items, as are Elises in any color. And zippers are definitely not different, MJ is very consistent in using the same brand of zips for his bags.
Thread Status:
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