Good deals on many designer bags!

  1. This is not my store, nor is it a friend of mine. Maybe it has been on this list before but I thought I had to let everyone know about it!

    Cheap Chic

    Cheap Chic has many great bags (Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Chloe, Bottega etc etc) at good prices. Every bag is real.
    I got a great deal on a Paddy and two weeks ago my friend & I went to the office (it's in an office building, it's not a storefront) and my friend got an amazing deal on a Kooba Sienna and a Bottega.

    They have been in Daily Candy also.
  2. how much did you pay for the paddy? thanks!
  3. My DH bought the Paddy for me for Xmas- I think it was $1000 give or take a few dollars. It is a very dark green that looks almost black and is approximately 13 inches. My friend got a chocolate one the same day.
  4. Oh I forgot- they were priced for more than that but because we were buying two at the same time she gave us some extra $ off!
  5. ^^^ What a good deal, this is waaay below retail!
  6. does she do shipments on her bags?
  7. I don't know 'cause I'm local but she's really nice and helpful so she probably would ship something to you!
  8. Where are they located? :smile:
  9. LA. On Wilshire.
  10. She also has a large black Marc Jacobs Stam when I was there, seems like some people are looking for that. Actually she has several of the new MJ bags such as the big doctor's bag with the holes (sorry I don't know the correct names for the MJ bags!). Tons of Kooba. Several Chanel, Hogan, lots of Prada- I can't remember any more right now. But I think I will have to go this week so I will report back to you guys!
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