good deals on hayden-hartnett?

  1. does anyone have any codes for sites that sell these bags?

  2. hi there!
    i think that "[SIZE=-1]BPT2532" works for 15% off on the HH website itself, and "grechen" works for 20% off at the website. lunaboston also offers free shipping so it's an even better buy than the HH site code. also, the luna people are beautiful in terms of cust. service.

    anyone else know any better codes?
  3. anyone know of any other blondette codes? I tried "toutie" today, but it shows up as "expired, expended or otherwise invalid for this order"

  4. OMG OMG thank you for this wonderful site!
    I think I will get myself a Ana frame bag! Hehehehe!
  5. i have the ana frame bag and it's great :smile:
  6. oops, I think I just entered my discount code and thought they were having a sale.
  7. There are a fair number of HH bags up on eBay now, most likely from the sample sale (usually HH bags trickle onto eBay here and there). Some are being sold by TPFers.

    The especially good deals would be from people who bought the bags and decided the bag wasn't the right style for them and are discount pricing them aggressively. Since HH's sale had a no returns policy, then eBay is the next option for someone who changed their mind (been there, done that!). You can always email ebay sellers and ask them if there are any flaws. A lot of the HH sample sale bags were in fine condition (perhaps some were just overstock).
  8. Does HH have sample sales every season, or just once or twice a year?
  9. SKelly, HH hasn't been around a long time, but so far they've had one Fall sample sale (last October) and one Spring sample sale (just finished).