Good Deals Come To Those Who Wait!

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  1. I had been wanting this Zoe since I first saw it at Bloomies :yes: But at $400 it still seemed steep...
    Then Bf and I went back last Friday and found that there were two left and the price had been reduced to $260 :amazed: but Bf talked me out of it :sad: mostly because:
    1) It is a biiigg bag and 2) I have just paid off my balance at Nordies and I was kinda brok-o.

    So I left without it. I regreted not gettting it and called on Monday and the SA informed me that it had gone back to $400 :Push: She must have felt my disappointed through the phone because she offered to put it on hold for me until Thursday when they would be having another sale, only she did not know how much percentage it would be exactly then. Since it was the last one, I decided to take my chances and wait, so I accepted her offer.

    Classes started for me this week and I have been so stressed trying to add to the ones I needed that I had forgotten all about it, but in the middle of my Math class I get a call from Bloomies. I checked it after class and it was her, calling me to let me know that the purse had gone 80% off!!! and the cost would now be....

    $123 :nuts: reduced from $598 :wtf:

    I called her right back and purchased it over the phone :yahoo:
    I'm picking it up on Saturday and I'm so freaking excited!!!

    The best deal Bloomies has ever offered me. Ever!
  2. Awesome deal. Macy's had them for 40% off. 80% is a steal!
  3. Wow! :faint: That is amazing! Congrats!
  4. That's an amazing deal. Congrats!

    {it's tidbits like this that made me stay away from the forum, you girls are enablers!}
  5. that was soo nice of her to call you! i'm glad you got it at such a great price!
  6. Wow that is so cool I am so glad that it worked out for you that way it was totally meant to be what a nice SA for helping you out like that. 80% what a bargain that is way better than an outlet price.
  7. Thats a really nice story. There are nice people in the world after all. How kind of her to call you and offer it to you. And congratulations to you, what a great bargain.
  8. Wow, you are right; good things come to those who wait! Lovely SA you have there! Can't wait to see your pics! What a great way to start the new term too, yar? :smile:
  9. Wow, very awesome congrats. You know, every time I let my DH talk me out of a bag, I always think about it even more and want it that much more! lol. Him and I have different taste so if it's something you really want, don't let anyone talk you out of it. In this case though, it seemed to really work out for you!
  10. Even though you got a SUPER-GREAT deal on sounds like deal or not this bag was meant to be yours!!!

    Enjoy! Can't wait to see pic's!!!
  11. Wow!!!! That is so awesome!!! Congratulations on your Zoe!
  12. That's totally amazing. It would be the same price as me returning my Legacy Shoulder Flap (peeling sealant) and getting full credit and paying the extra to get the XL Zoe. Sounds like you got the XL size! Congratulations.

    You're even better off than me--I lost my Legacy Shoulder flap and the $$ I paid for it--in comparison to you. I totally love my Zoe.

    What colour did you get?
  13. That's insane!
  14. That's crazy! Good for you!
  15. HOLY MOLY! That is an amazing deal! :faint: What color was it?