Good deal?

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  1. Hello friends!

    I was planning to check out the Gucci and Burberry oulets this weekend, so I figured I'd stop by DSW to see what Guccis they have. I saw the large and medium black fabric Jockey Guccis and I made an impulse buy. I liked the large but it was too big and looked silly on me so I got the medium. It was $630. What do you lovely people think? Is this a good price or not that great? I figured I ought to buy it and I'll see what there is at the outlet and maybe return it. I'm more a fan of leather bags, but they didn't have any I liked.

    Thoughts? :confused1: Maybe the outlet will do a sale on Thanksgiving?
  2. Hi, I just bought the large black jockey yesterday of off 5th for $750. I think you got the best price you can, because they are practically all gone and although its a lot of money it won't go lower. :smile: I agree about the large one being a bit too big. I wanted the medium but they only have the large. I'm debating returning it because it is so big.... but a good deal. lol
    Best of luck!
  3. I have the medium black jockey and it's a great bag. For $630 that's a great deal. I got it for around $675.
  4. Definitely a great deal. I paid full price for my Medium Jockey $895 last fall. Enjpy your bag :smile: