Good deal

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  1. I think this is a good deal for a bag... but i do not know much about this site ...also I am not sure if this bag is a small and its at regular price but i thought i would post it in case ...apologies in advance if its an error
  2. nerf09 - i am not totally comfortable with this site, but let some of the other ladies look at the site and weigh in. This mini iron bag price i think is high. i remember seeing them on jomashop for $500 or so and i know some of the other prices for bags seem quite high.
  3. Thanks Doloresmia for clearing this apologies for a mishap...
  4. nerf09 - No mishap at ALL. Some of these bags look good, others look completely misshapen, and the pricing is not great. Because of that I would say proceed with caution as there are plenty of reputable sites with bargains.

    I am happy to be wrong though if someone else has experience with this site.
  5. Styledrops is an authentic seller out of Italy. They sell authentic, but are really expensive.
  6. oh good! authentic. excellent! see nerf09 you were right! good site, high prices
  7. And that bag is small .. 9 x 5. Cute though!
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    nerf09, You'll find that bag for $660 in several colors on the Shirise website. They have some excellent deals on BV shoes right now. If you have some time to kill, explore this thread:

    It is closed to posting, so we can maintain coherent lists. If anyone knows of places to add, pm me and I'll add them.