Good deal!!!

  1. Oooh plum !
  2. Wow. That auction looks really fierce. I am more of a BIN girl, myself. I can't do the whole bidding process. :shrugs:
  3. That is such a YUMMY wallet!!!! Hope it finds a good home!
  4. That is GORGEOUS! Damn, I want it.
  5. I love that color!
  6. it's used
  7. Oh, I love her other auction for the plum Suhali L'Aimable! :tender:
  8. Thats is a great deal. I bet it goes pretty high though
  9. Oooh, good price, I love plum suhali!
  10. Do y'all think this wallet is authentic? It's only got one hour left now and it's still only a little over $200.
  11. I just don't like why it only has 4 c/c slots!! :sad:
  12. it is a nice colour, i wonder how high the price will go up to. if that is a real suhali wallet, anything under $300 is a steal.
  13. Kimmy - thanks for the heads-up. I have been looking for one to match my compact zip wallet. Wish me luck!:biggrin:
  14. Did anyone here get the wallet? It ended at a good price.
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