Good Deal !

  1. Hi everyone ,

    I bought a bag from Devi Kroell - Sample sale - & Finally it arrived today ...

    its the meduim classic hobo in green - the orginal price is : $2490

    I bought it for just : 600 $ :yahoo:

    & the great thing about it that its from the current collection & they sell it now for $2490 & its in new perfect condition .

    the bag is darker green than it looks like in the website ,I'll post the bag in Action soon ...
  2. I think Devi Kroell is not popular here !!!!!
  3. It's a great deal, but I'm not a fan of python though. Congrats on your new bag!
  4. thanks titania ,
    The Python is great on Devi Hobo specailly that its metalic , Loooks diffrenet

    For the color I wanted a Gold or smoky color but non of them where on sale , When I saw that green On SALE & the price is tooo great , I couldn't resist it ..
    Anyway the color is a change for me , My first Green Bag !
  5. Very nice! I just bought 2 python bags and can't wait to see them. Hope they don't gross me out!:rolleyes:
  6. Purseinsanity from which brand ? Devi ? what color ?
  7. You got a good deal it seems. Not my style though, but that's me : )
  8. Great deal, I can't wait to see pics!
  9. sorry for the pic bad quality ...
  10. Congrats, you got a great deal!
  11. I bought two Gerard Darels:

    [​IMG]and this one:

  12. WOW You got a GREAT deal!! Enjoy!
  13. What a GREAT deal! I cannot handel python bags, but I adore your new purchase. Looks like the sale is over since its price now is $2490.
  14. Congrats on your bag! Love the snakeskin!!!
  15. You did get quite a good buy!