Good Deal or Not?

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  1. Hey jewelry fans i need some help.

    I am in the process of purchasing a tiffany platinum ring with a diamond. The seller says she paid 800, but i was checking the tiffany website and i couldn't find any ring that fit the description for 800, they were all much higher. Anyway she has it listed at 350, but was willing to take 300. Is that too much, would you go lower? Also, is it supposed to come only with a receipt? I've seen other tiffany pieces come w a paper that states the cut of the diamond and other things. I've attached a picture, but am awaiting better pics.

    Thanks Guys

    Ps. does anyone know if tiffany charges to clean jewelry?

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  2. It's really hard to see that picture. If the diamond is super small, it won't come with any certification. Do you have better pics? What's the size of the diamond?

  3. O, so for something that was 800 at retail, it probably wouldn't come with certification? I know the pictures bad =( I'm waiting for the seller to send me better pictures, but nothing yet.