Good deal or not? $800 for a golden giant hardware day?

  1. Hi gals, I need your expert opinions on this golden giant hardware day bag, a girl I know is selling it for $800 CAD, I'm just wondering if it's a good deal or not...:confused1::confused1:What do you think?? Any help is appreciated!! :supacool::supacool:

  2. According to my calcuations that is approximately $792 USD and I believe the GH Day sells for $1245 USD, so yes, that if a very good deal if the bag is authentic, in good condition,etc. Let us know what you decide!
  3. Your picture didn't show, can you do it again?
  4. here it is
  5. oh wow, if that's auth (need more pics to tell, but that should go to the Authenticate This thread), that's a fantastic deal!!
  6. omg~~~ this is mine~~
  7. OMG that is gorgeous!! And for that price, you did fantastic! Make sure it's authentic, like peppy suggested, but I believe that's Marine, and that Marine is gorgeous!
  8. sounds like a good deal to me
  9. Excellent deal; I love the deep blue with the GGH.
  10. That's a great deal esp if you're in Canada. Holt Renfrews balenciaga prices are higher than the prices in the US. I forget with the GGH day retails for, but its definitely higher than $1300.
  11. Beyond gorgeous, amazing deal. GET IT NOW!
  12. omg, i'm oozing all sorts of jealousness! did you get her?
  13. OMG that is like my dream bag!!!!!!:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
    i've been looking all over the place for a marine GGH bag!!! please tell me you jumped at it!!
  14. oh my god it's beautiful! i want one now... :drool::love:
  15. what have you decided? I hope you are going to get:smile: