Good Deal on SPANX?

  1. Does anyone know of a good deal on Spanx? I keep hearing amazing things about them and want to try a pair! They're excluded from the Bloomingdales 20% deal.... Thanks!
  2. Do you have a Nordstrom Rack there?
    They are usually $8.00 or $9.00 and plentiful colors and sizes.
  3. they also sell them at Loehman's for around 10 dollars
  4. I'm in Canada and they're $42.99 here! Somewhere online would be preferable. Thanks for the ideas!
  5. I think they were the footless tights in Loehman's in NJ - Fashionmall in Ridgewood. Hope this helps.
  6. I got what I thought were footless (but I think they did end up having feet)spanx at Nordstroms rack for around 10 dollars. Target sells something they call Assets which is by the same woman that makes spanx. They are a little cheaper in price but in my opinion not as good.
  7. Loehmanns in San Diego has footless panty hose for approx $12. But I wasn't sure if they would give the best control. Anyone know which Spanx are best for flattening tire in front? I have a bit of a problem with my tummy when I wear lower cut jeans...always looking for loose tops to conceal it.
  8. as much as i hate the price of spanx honestly they are so amazing i buy them full price and its ok cause when im dressing up i swear by them!

    I wish i had a N rack near by but NOPE!
  9. I agree about the Assets at Target not being as good. I bought a pair and they were a waste of money compared to Spanx. You get what you pay for in regards to that.

    As far as hiding your tummy, I get the footless extra tummy control and I wear them under EVERYTHING. I also pay full price if I have to because I can't live without them.

    I read an interview with Gwenyth Paltrow where she credited wearing TWO pairs of Spanx at once for her amazing post-baby body. Now there's an idea I havent' tried.
  10. I always get the footless tights at filene's basement, for around $11.

  11. Winners has the footless type for $16.99.
  12. Our Off 5th Saks has them too!
  13. I have their catalog, I think I need to buy more Spanx's because of all these fabulous testimonies. I have the long leg brief and wore them for the first time at my father's funeral (so did my sister). This was three years ago.

    I know this sounds strange but we laughed that day over our struggles in trying to don those things. It was like wrestling with an allegator! Also I couldn't wait to take them off.

    Are the footless numbers the same way? Are Spanx's still difficult to put on and wear? Or is this the price one has to pay in order to have a flat tummy? :crybaby:

    Our Gwenny must have been numb from the waist down after her post baby event, me thinks????:yes:
  14. i've heard so many good things about spanx, but never tried them on. i also didn't know all these stores sell them cheap, I'm gonna go check them out this week. which section do they usually belong? lingerie?