Good deal on Purse Hook!

  1. Right now, Linens-n-Things is offering free shipping on their "As Seen on TV" stuff (choose economy ground shipping).

    There are also some coupon codes floating around (I used 26620000008 for 20% off one item).

    They have a set of two purse hooks (one silver, one gold) for $9.99:

    With the free shipping and coupon code, I got mine out the door for $8.47 -- pretty darn good deal! I've been wanting to try these out, so now is the perfect time.
  2. Thanks! I've been wanting one for awhile now!
  3. These are good, but they are kind of cheaply made. This isn't a major problem but the little metal balls at the end of the hook (a decoration/plug for your bag) comes undone a lot.. so you need to make sure it's screwed on tightly. Other than that, they are good though... My $5 hook keeps my 1300 dollar Chanel off the ground just fine!
  4. I never think to take mine with me!
  5. Thank you so much. I needed one of these badly and just ordered one. Thanks for the discount code too.
  6. ^ No problem! :tup:
  7. I just ordered one too, I could have picked it up but I hate driving to the other side of town - yeah too lazy - so since shipping is free, might as well take advantage of it, right??

  8. I've been using a white hook that I got at the container store... it was cheaper and it seems to be doing a really great job!
  9. Thanks! Question for those that have this one from LnT, do they damage your purse handles? I've seen different ones in different styles (i.e. hooks are sometimes more rounded, as opposed to this one that just looks straight to me)? Is the hook part long enough for purses that have a bit thicker handle?

    Thanks for your feedback!

  10. I haven't seen any damage on my handles, but I only hang my purse for about an hour each time. The hook is about 1 inch long. I have a Chanel tote and thats about as big of straps that this hook is going to hold... if you have any more questions, just ask here!
  11. i picked one up off eBay that was similar to one like this: [​IMG]i liked the way it rolls up, i don't use it very often, but i have been glad that i've had it the few times i have!:tup:

  12. I like it!! Its very pretty and you can't really tell what it is if you aren't using it. I might have to get one of these ones!
  13. mine is just a plain circle (no rhinestone)mirrored top. fyi, doesn't work with big handles or really big bags, small or med bags best...