Good deal on Men's briefcase?

Oct 24, 2006
Not sure what type you're looking for but I just bought my dh a Kenneth Cole leather messenger style briefcase from ebags. Just got it delivered yesterday and its pretty nice especially for the modest price point. Was going to order him a pricier hardside type case but we have baby #2 on the way and I figured this would be easier for him to sling on his shoulder (also has the hand carry option where the strap tucks away) if he needs to be carrying one of the kids at the same time and its nice leather but not so pricey that he would have to worry about maintenance of it, kwim? You might want to check them out ( as I think they are doing the paypal promo in addition to their sale.


Jan 3, 2007
I got a good deal on Macy's site with the 20% F&F Discount. I got a Kenneth Cole Leather Messenger!