good deal!/ IF Metal Of Honor Carina Hobo

B. Jara

Oct 30, 2005
Just an fyi, there is a just listed BIN of this bag for $625.00 on eBay (#6823166979). Retail is $795.00. But beware....I tried this style on at Nordstrom, and it is VERY heavy with all the brass detailing on it.

HTH someone! :P
I saw the bag (Carina) extreme oversized hobo in the Nordstrom's November catalog in what they call "luggage brown" It is a stunner but I can see with all the bells and whistles on it that it could weigh a ton - thanks for the heads up!
Hi, I saw that metal of honor and it was for the Ingrid and not the Carina. The ingrid is smaller than the hobo carina and can have a long strap or a short strap. I haven't seen one in person but I bought the Carina and am picking it up today. If I love it I will keep it otherwise I will be putting it out there on ebay.
I think the Carina (page 35, Nordstom november catalog) is way better looking that the ingrid - at least from the photo in the catalog but the pictures on of that bag don't look as good. I guess the professional photography for Nordstroms is making the difference.

P.S. I just sold a Juicy metallic superstar on ebay - I just wasn't using it and wanted some of the money back so I could move on.
You are right. I went to the sold section and sure enough, there it was. A carina for less than retail. Now the only way that person can do that would be if they are a merchant getting them for merchant pricing, which IF does not allow and they will be flushed out, or they work at a department store where they get 20-30% discount. In which case I am going to add them to my favorites and keep an eye on what they are selling. They have a Kooba sienna for several hundred dollars les than retail.