Good deal BV dr. bag I found two days ago!!


Dec 20, 2005
My SA at BV Saks called me two days ago to tell me the new shipment they have on BV. And also she is going to show me this one BV bag that someone had returned and she thought that it’s really a good deal if I wanted to buy it. So I went yesterday to see that good deal bag and the rest of BV bags.

So I saw the good deal bag and OH MY… What a deal! First I love the bag! That’s def a unique bag, beautiful and it’s black! Second, the good deal about this bag is this bag originally was for $2,680 and now it’s for $1,070!!. I think she told me that the bag was from last fall collection.

What I like about this bag is the uniqueness of its style. It’s a structure bag. It’s elegant, and timeless in style. Also it’s so easy to get something in and out of the bag. It’s very elegant if you carry it on the crooks of your arms, or can be carry on your shoulder too. I love this black color and the size is just perfect for me.

My SA said I can take it home and if I change my mind I can return it. So I took the bag home. The more I look at the bag the more in love I am with this bag. This is just perfect for me. I think I am going to keep this one!

What do you guys think of this dr. bag BV?

I took pics for you guys to see.:biggrin:

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