Good deal at the outlet

  1. So some of the hamptons were back today at 50% off. They were all hobos, no totes. Here's a pic of the one I got for $39!
    blue hampt 001.jpg
  2. Congrats! What a deal :yahoo:
  3. Reading only had a handful of white ones left yesterday.
  4. Wow that's such a great deal!
  5. I couldn't pass it up even though it is a summery bag. They had 1 blue and 1 green. Other customers were coming up to me and asking the SA if there were more.
  6. Thats a great deal!! and a beautiful bag. I am going next week.
  7. Great deal! WOW!
  8. thats an amazing deal! I got the gold one in the summer (the bigger one) for 90 andI thougt that was a steal!!!
  9. What a steal!! Congrats
  10. $39?! :nuts::yahoo:what a deal! congrats!
  11. $39? Wow!!
  12. That's a really great deal! Congratulations !
  13. Great deal!!!:yahoo: