Good day today

  1. Today started out pretty hectic...had to take the GRE which lasted for a couple hours. I think I did rather well... ;)

    And I got my papillon with its pochette when I got home! Although I've gotten a picture authentication by caroldiva (who deemed it authentic), I did my own analysis of it just in case...and it looked pretty real. The canvas looks and feels identical to my vintage LVs, and I think the reason the heat stamp looked weird (with the encircled R) was due to the fact the seller stretched it out to take the picture. The cross-grain interior leather was in wonderful shape, and the leather straps are similar to the older LV Monceau (which I personally think is more versatile than vachetta). The seller left a really nice note saying she hoped I would enjoy it as much as she did. I'm really happy that I got have a really nice deal off ebay.

    And that's all. :jammin:
  2. congrats on your GRE and the lovely bags....
  3. Congrats ! :yes:

    And boo for standardized testing.. gah, I hate that ! But hey, no worries for you if you did well ! ;)
  4. i hate standardized tests too :yucky:. i took the LSAT in the spring semester, and i damn near died waiting for my scores
  5. Congrats!
  6. Congrats! I took the GRE 2 years I know exactly how it feels to be finally done with it!!!
  7. Thanks, everyone! I'm just not looking forward to the next GRE (which is the subject exam for Psychology...most of the schools I'm applying to don't really care about the score, though, but some schools want it!) and the waiting process.
  8. congrats on having taken the GRE! I HATED IT WHEN I TOOK IT..and congrats on ur papillon!