Good day to night perfume?

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Which of these is a good day to night perfume?

  1. Versace's Bright Crystal

  2. Vera Wang's Princess

  3. Miss Dior Cherie

  4. Gucci Envy Me

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  1. My reunion is coming up next weekend, and I don't want to have to pack more than one bottle of perfume.

    I want to bring a perfume that best transitions from day to night.

    The four in the poll are the four I'm considering.

    (Whichever one gets the most votes is the one I'm taking.)
  2. I chose Miss Dior Cherie, but for me it was a toss-up between that and Gucci, which is very nice for day, and maybe a little more sophisticated than the Dior. lol tough choice!!
  3. Its hard to choose between Versace Bright Crystal and Miss Dior Cherie. I have both and like them. I think they are both a good choice but I think I will also go with Miss Dior Cherie. Have fun at your reunion :smile:
  4. I chose Gucci Envy Me because it's the only scent I like from the list and it is the most ideal choice for day and night (no offense to the Cherie Lovers)
  5. Okay, I just realized I wrote next week instead of this week. My reunion is this coming weekend, which is why I started this poll.
  6. miss cherie, def!
  7. I love Gucci Envy Me and always get compliments when I wear it.
  8. You should try all these scents on yourself first because the perfume will smell differently depending on your skin. Like for example, J'adore is a light floral on most people, but on some people, it gives off a ginger smell, and for some it smells like cat pee when they spray it on :P

    Same for Dior Cherie, it's very sweet on most, but on me, it's a light floral.

    Everyone has different skin and oils which affect the smell.
  9. ^^ Thanks. I get what you mean, but I own these perfumes, so I know what they smell like on me. I'm just in the process of trying to decide which one to pack.

    (If I was going to buy a fragrance, I would want to know how it smelled on me first.)
  10. I would go with the one that smells the best on you of all perfumes you own, whether it is on the list above or not.

    And let the application of it do the day to night dance.

    If it smells good on you at noon, it will smell good on you at midnight, just re-apply it!

    And whether it is day or night, other people should be able to smell it only if they hug you - or embrace you for a slow dance ;)
  11. Envy Me!! I own both this and the Bright Crystal and I must say I really much prefer Gucci. Versace smells nice but I feel it's a little too light/fresh for the night. Envy Me will show some musky undertones during wear and this is why I believe it'll make a killer night perfume as well.
  12. Chanel no. 5

    Peony Angel - Theirry Mugler (sp?)

    Terre D' Hermes

    Eau De Merveilles (the first edition, not the new one)
  13. For day to night I'd choose Envy Me as I reckon it would make a pretty good transition. The others are nice too so I don't think you can really go wrong with any of those.