Good day gone bad *angry*

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  1. As you all know, I got into a car accident last month. It was determined that I 'failed to yield' and therefore my fault and i was cited. Well, they gave me 14 days to respond to the ticket which i day, which they then gave me an extension. The woman had me sign a form telling me I had a month extention (the date was june 12) and i could come back in and reapply for another extension. Well, my mom made me call a few days ago to ask how much my ticket was for because she was gonna help me pay it off. The woman told me it was for a total of $478. That's exactly what she said. I hung up, told my mother and we went to the court house the next day to reapply for my extension. Well the clerks walks right in front of us with a big old cheeseburger and cant see us because "she is busy" so we leave and try to come back the next day. Well, my mom went in today to figure out something with her ticket when she asked about mine. She calls me to tell me that the woman cant find my file. Why?! BECAUSE SHE WAS FILING OUT A WARRANT FOR MY ARREST!! because apparently, I had not filed for an extension which she now claims was due JULY 4TH!! :cursing:augh! so my mom helps me out nad pays for the ticket so they wont arrest me and calls me and asked me why i hadnt situated it. I told her that "3 days ago when i called and asked how much my ticket was, she NEVER once told me that I was already past due and that i would get a warrant!! " I will put this on my life that she never said I was past due!!

    So I get home from dropping the kids off and errands and catching a movie with my younger sister when i see my friend (who is our across the street neighbor) sitting and chatting with my mom. Well, she is just telling her about my ticket and then she starts blaming me in front of her that "I make so many mistakes and that she always has to fix them for me" and all i'm trying to do is defend myself by saying that "i was never told the dates" and my mom backed herself up by saying "they are the police, they dont have to tell you anything. it's your job to ask!!" and while everything was all freaking fine and dandy between me and my mom, my dad comes in and starts telling me to "Shut up idiot!" and making faces and goes on to tell me (in front of my friend) that "everything we give you, you always throw it away" and "you do everything wrong and nothing comes out right because of your stupid mistakes". so i'm in tears and i run up the stairs and i hear my mom saying "she always does things wrong and always blames everyone else but herself" and then my dad starts telling my friend stories about every single damn mistakes and things i've "put my parents through" since high school because he thinks i wasnt listening. (my parents have this thing that they obviously dont care about embarassing their daughter because if we start arguing in front of people he will always come up with something about the past to say and i just have to take it. but if i say ONE thing about them then all freaking hell breaks loose.)

    I know my parents have helped me out so much especially since my divorce and everything but i'm just so tired of always being blamed for everything that goes wrong. Yes, i will admite that I was wrong this time. I should have asked more questions. But all I was trying to tell my parents is that the police department here in our town is ALWAYS f***ing up and they asked me for proof because they didnt believe me. All I had to tell them was that "My police report! The cop who issued me a ticket spoke to a girl who worked with my sister who insisted that SHE was the passenger in my car, NOT my sister!!!":cursing: I DONT EVEN KNOW THE GIRL!!He made SOOOOO many mistakes on my police report from the dates and times, to the passengers, to the part that he said that my car WASNT towed from the scene when it was!!! And im sitting here trying to tell my parents that and they still tell me "im always wrong and youre whole life has been filled with mistakes and everythign we ever put in your hands, you lose". In front of my friend which is probably what pisses me off the most.

    What would you do? Sorry- just had to vent.
  2. Wow what a frustrating situation! I would maybe try to fight the ticket, given the amount of errors on it? Yikes...I hope everything works out well for you :sad:
  3. Yikes! I am sorry to hear this. I hope you and your parents can work this out. No matter how upset I have been with one of my kids, I never would do anything to embarrass them in front of their friends. Those conversations are supposed to be private.
  4. Yikes....sorry. :sad: But Couturegrl is right...fight about the ticket and try to rectify the situation. I suggest doing it at a later time when you're cooled down...being persuasive sometimes means keeping a cool head and being proficient, no matter how frustrating and irritating the situation is.

    As for your parents, I'm sure they're just really upset with what's going on...I don't think it's because they think any less of you. It's a shame, though, that they have to humiliate you in front of your own friends. Talk about demeaning...
  5. I'm so sorry you had a bad day. Your parents never should have done that in front of your friend. And you know what, so what IF you had made a mistake about the dates. You've been through enough lately. I hope tomorrow will be better for you :heart:
  6. Did you get a copy of any form you signed that proved you filed a extension? If you have proof I would try to fight it. Sometimes I think the police departments are so messed up. My neighbor got her car towed for not having up to date registration, her husband forgot to do it. She had three kids in the car and they told them to get out and towed the car to a impound lot. I know it was expensive for the ticket and I would think to get it out. Another friend got stopped in a traffic stop (where they stop all cars) and had her old insurance card in the car not the new one, the police called up and got the Proof from the insurance company that she had new insurance but she got a warning, this was not a ticket, no points and no fine. But she HAD to go to court to show she had insurance and pay something like $250.00 court costs. It was such a joke. The town next to us is so small that the cops literally follow you thru the town, I am sure they hit the summer tourists really bad with speeding one mile over the limit but us locals know to go really slow.
    I wish you the best. I am sorry to hear how your parents are treating you. I still get lectures from my Dad, the other night he yelled at me for having my computer on and said I was wasting electricity and kept on yelling at me.
  7. SoCal - you have been through so much lately. Someone just needs to give you a big hug (I am sending one telepathically). Get any documentation you have, go down and explain calmly. Be forewarned, it will take a while. You might want to check on your city's website first to see if they have a procedure for you to follow. Municiple employees are such idiots sometimes; and they seem to take joy in making our lives miserable.
  8. hey socal, that's very very frsutrating.... so sorry to hear about it....

    your parents sounded quite harsh in today's episode and hurtful to say you do everything wrong and you throw it all away ... blah blah...

    sometimes parents, despite being older and being parents, say things that are very hurtful for bad reasons like they're having a bad day... =P

    i knore youre going through a tough time and there's alot of changes taking place and you're still studying.

    BUT i really do think it would be less stressful for you and better for your emotional well being if you found a place of your own. see if you can get STBX to pay for your rent going forward.

  9. So sorry....yikes....Parents arent perfect and do make mistakes.Maybe sit down and tell them how much it hurt u to hear them say that stuff about u.Once I embarassed my daughter and when she pointed it out to me...I felt awful...And learned from it.
    HUGS!Itll get better.thank goodness u werent arrested though.THAT would of been ALOT worse!
  10. Thanks guys!! My parents actually apologized to me today (my sister went to a slumber party and my kids are at their father's house) so it was just us 3 and they even took me and my friend out to the movies :-]]

    We've all been going through some VERY stressful situations such as my divorce, my accident, and recently my dad has been having ALOT of health issues so it's just been a streeeeeesful 2 months.

  11. When it rains, it pours, doesn't it!!?

    Well your folks are probably upset about the situation and are human and not handling it right... it's hard to see your kids in pain like you've been going through.

    Hang in there, kiddo!
  12. aww socal you've been through so much lately, but you've always been strong. i'm sorry that happened to you, but i'm glad that you and your parents were able to work things out :smile:!
  13. Thats a tough one.....especially to deal with such an establishment..its everyone says..

    Get your paperwork together, and calmly talk to them, and find your way..step by step.

    Your parents seem to be there for you...and b/c they have these worries...they might be just really venting...but its good to hear that they are making it up to you.

    Sometimes, crazy things happen all at once so...keep your head up and just keep your eyes on your goals...