Good Customer Service

  1. I think it'd be great for us to share any good experience we've had at the boutiques in this thread.:flowers:
  2. I had a very positive experience with the SAs in the Beverly Hills boutique. The first SA i ran into was rather cold, so I immediately scoped out 2 more great SAs, and had a great time. Although I did not end up with a birkin, the SAs I met were incredibly friendly and let me play with all of the kellys on the floor to my heart's content. She answered all my questions and was very helpful overall. Of course, she was just doing her job though.
  3. Yikes! I've got a few!

    My SA, Jose at the San Fran boutique never fails to be of great service and has a wonderful attitude. He found my Bolduc scarf for me after I'd scoured the planet for one to no avail, told me to hold off on buying an agenda he knew I really didn't want but would have taken just to have one (and then I found my Lilac beauty!) and called me right away after remembering that I was looking for a Black Kelly but when I arrived didn't have any problems at all taking out three other bags and showing me almost every leather item in the store until I fell in love with Caramel Coromandel! And he always sends me off with samples of perfume (haven't had to buy a bottle of my favorite yet!.

    And today when I called the NYC store looking for a Horn ANO cuff the lady helping me was very kind and cooperative and charming even though they didn't have what I wanted!

    I love Hermes....:love: You can probably tell....:shame:
  4. Frankly, I've never had a problem. I think the SA's are great and always have a great time in there. Actually, I think they're hilarious and got an invitation to go hang with them one night.
  5. Ditto! I have been lucky. My SA has been wonderful and very helpful!! My SA is a "S"-SA!:graucho: :heart:
  6. I have actually have had mostly great experience at hermes, (the only time it was a bit off was in London, the shop was closing, and I was trying on shoes, they rushed me a little bit...but that is more of a european thing;) ....closing time is C L O S I N G time!:rolleyes: ), I have been to many U.S. and european shops, and the SA's have just been great:angel: :flowers: BEYOND helpful, even when I was a teen and bought my first scarf... I am always surprised when someone has a bad experience:sad:
  7. Reminds me of Oprah incident. "Oprah, closing time MEANS closing time!! Now, please you and your entourage, get out!!" said SA. :hrmm:

    I wonder who is really at fault. Oprah or SA? :cool:
  8. Good Question, in europe, the stores really do not stay open for anyone, SA's in europe have an unbelivably strong union, and will not stay overtime even if the manager wanted them to. When Louis Vuitton wanted to keep the flagship store open on sundays in Paris... OTHER store (non LV) employees sued LV, fearing that this was a bad sign for them! is still in court:amazed:
  9. Wow!! Really! In that case, I don't really think Hermes should apologize to Oprah for what is considered as standard operation.
  10. It really is very different in europe, I think they also figure you want something bad enough,'ll come back tommorow! I am going home to my au-revoir! there is a much greater focus on quality of life than the cash register.
  11. I've had a great time shopping at Hermes here. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a frequent shopper at Hermes. The only item I own from Hermes so far is my BJ birkin. Even that BJ birkin I buy cos' influence from my friend who owns one and the more I look at hers, the more I become infatuated. One day, I enter Hermes and I walk around the store. Nothing interest me. Even the kelly seems off to me. I ask the SA about BJ birkin. The SA was kind to tell me everything from the leathers to hardware. We chat for around half an hour. Then, I told her I'll think first because at that time, I find it hard to convince to spend that sum of money on a bag which is equivalent to 2 or 3 LV bags.

    I kept coming and walking out of the store for several days and the same SA continue to provide excellent service even if I do not buy anything at all. One day, I make the plunge and waitlist a BJ birkin. The SA now becomes my friend. As I frequent the shop more and more, I make more friends with the other SAs. Nowadays, whenever I have the time to go to Hermes, it'll be gossip girl thing. We'll sit down at one corner and chat about everything. My SA once in a while show me some of the reserved birkins and I told her, if she keeps continuing to convince me to buy, I'll go bankrupt sooner or later.

    There was one time where she show me a black croc birkin 30 and at that instant, I fell in love with crocs. She urge me to buy baby rose because it's the most beautiful color in the world. I believe her and waitlist for one. Recently, I ask all of you should I buy a white birkin. msnpurselover PM me that she had a white birkin 30 and she's willing to take pics of her birkin for me. Then, I ask her should I buy birkin 30 or shoulder one.

    I ask my SA the next day and she ask me to buy the shoulder one. I agree with her that the shoulder one is beautiful and I ask her to waitlist for me.

    Overall, my experiece at Hermes has been a great one. Building relationships with many SAs is one step to a great experience at Hermes. :idea:
  12. I suppose it's true that if one wants something badly enough, they will come back. I do think that it's good that they care more about life than money; it's also good to know that the company does not force the employees to have mandatory overtime.
  13. what company does that? btw, i'm referring to mandatory OT. being a SA in any boutique is trully arduous work. and to manage that, plus keep a cheerful demeanor & be passionate about the company's products is trully amazing!
  14. I can't speak for all the employers out there but I can attest to the fact that one of the companies I used to work for did require mandatory OT - and they tried to get away with NOT paying for it if they could. Some of my friends have also dealt with similar problems in the companies that they work at. Basically it comes down to whether you work OT or you get fired. Of course, in my case I left that company as soon as I found something better. ^_^

    I also want to add that I feel that companies should NOT force employees to do mandatory OT. Unfortunately, that's just my personal belief and as far as I know, things like this is still pretty prevalent. Most employees are too afraid to speak up about it due to fear of repercussion.
  15. I recently had a parent of a client who insisted her son to be seen at 6:30 pm, which meant that I wouldn't finish with him until 7:30 pm, and it takes me 40 minutes to drive from my work to my home, so I'd be home after 8 pm:rant: My bosses asked me if it was possible, and I said NO WAY, since I begin most of my work days at 7:30 am. Fortunately, my bosses sided with me. We ended up working a different time out. SA, who sold me all of my Hermes bags and shoes, is wonderful! She has been since the day I called as a clueless girl who was interested only in Birkins because I didn't know of any other bags. I know she's got tons of clients, but she makes me feel like I'm her only one.