Good Customer Service Experience at Nordstrom

  1. With all the rant threads about the poor customer service I've seen on these boards this week, I thought I would share a good customer service story I had with Nordstrom today.

    Placed an order with Nordstrom and wanted to get it that week so I chose the 2 day shipping option. I was supposed to get it Wednesday and was excited when the tracking said "With Deliver Courrier". Then at 5PM the deliver courrier still didn't come so I checked again and it said "Rescheduled Delivery". I called DHL to find out why and was told they were short handed and couldn't deliver all their packages on time.

    This is not my first time having issues with DHL. About 50% of my orders that are shipped with DHL are not delivered on time or are delivered to the wrong address. I wasn't mad at Nordstrom, but with all the issues I've been having I thought it might be good if I could avoid DHL for the future with any merchant.

    So I went on Nordstrom chat to find out if they use any other carriers and which shipping options lead to those carriers. The CS asked why I wanted to know if I had a problem with DHL. I told her I've been having issues with DHL and they didn't deliver my last package on time. The CS refunded ALL of my shipping charges without asking.

    I thought Nordstrom went above what they needed to since this wasn't their fault (they did sent it 2 day shipping) and they weren't asked to refund shipping. :tup:
  2. i worked at nordstrom at the short hills mall , nj for 4 yrs and i have to tell you their customer service is superior. while a SA there I had to accept some nasty returns and all with a smile while saying " no problem " ; which is there logo.
  3. Thanks for all that information.....makes me feel better about Nordie's....
  4. Without question, I think most retaliers - especially higher end department and most boutique retailers could learn many lessions from Nordstrom. I do think they pride themselves on superior cs and they really follow through.'s always GREAT to hear positive experiences:tup:
  5. I remember reading an article in the paper about Nordstrom's customer service. I've been a fan of them since I lived in Seattle, their home office, when I lived there in the 80's. Anyway-one person returned a dress to them that was obviously sewn by someone-it had no name tag, size, etc. Yet Nordies took it back and gave her what she said that she'd paid for the dress...unbelievable-but that's the kind of service they've always had! My dad wanted to get my mom a beautiful bathing suit set when we lived in Brea, CA-they were leaving to fly home the next morning. So the SA drove down to Costa Mesa, picked up her size, and had it at the store that evening. Phenomenal CS!!!:tup:
  6. I love Nordstrom's. They are always my #1 pick of places to shop.
  7. I always have trouble with DHL...they never deliver on time because they say they are running unreliable! I'm glad it worked out for you!
  8. I had a similar experience which I really appreciated. I was at Nordstrom in Stanford Shopping Center at Palo Alto. I was trying on this pair of shoes and the color I liked wasn't available in my size. The SA there (although she could have been a manager or something cause she was dressed in civilian clothes) just got my cell number, address and size and told me she'd call me about the shoes if anything comes up.

    My experience with these things is basically that they look for the item you like in their other branches and call you once it's in. This lady, her name was Julie, called me the next day and told me that my shoes were on their way to me already! :smile: I was so pleasantly surprised.Normally they tell me that it takes 2 weeks for the new shipments to arrive or whatever. And Julie looked so busy that day, running around after all the customers...I never thought she'd have time to actually look for my shoes.

    Plus they accept all returns with a big sincere smile and are so gracious!

    Well, I am eternally grateful and will continue to be a Nordstrom customer for life! :biggrin:
  9. Nordie's customer service is the best. I've always had excellent experience with them!
  10. My Dad was flying on a Delta buddy pass to my house. My sister forgot to tell my Dad about the dress code for anyone using a buddy pass. It's business casual. My Dad was wearing shorts and his luggage was already on the plane. He didn't have time to change. My sister was a Delta gate agent. Her manager let my Dad on the flight, but said that once he changed planes in Salt Lake City they may not let him continue. My sister called me and said I had to find Dad some pants in SLC. No where in the SLC airport sold mens clothing. I tried several stores near the mall and no one would help. I waited until Nordstrom opened. The SA shopped with me over the phone and picked out a pair of pants. He then delivered them to the airport, met a Delta agent, who then delivered them to my Dad. They did all this without charging us anything extra. I never told Nordstrom why my Dad needed these pants so bad. I'm sure they thought this old man peed his pants.:nuts:
  11. I love Nordies too! I agree that their customer service is amazing.
  12. Nordy's by FAR had THE best and most consistent customer service of all department stores. There are great SA's at other department stores, but Nordy's philosophy of customer service is consistent throughout their stores. I always know Nordy's will follow through regardless of where it's located.
  13. I love Nordstrom's, they are always so helpful.

    DHL, however, is my last choice for deliveries. I think their tracking pages are useless and estimates usually off base. I don't enjoy them.
  14. Generally I have really good results with Nordstroms.

    Occasionally when they are really busy, they have refused to find my shoes in the back, claiming that they weren't in my size or something (when in fact they were not, because suspecting something was up I came back the next day and got some). I believe my Nordstroms has a lazy SA in the shoe department.

    But anyways, several times I have gotten them to special order items for me. One time they were able to do so with an item that the marc by marc jacobs boutique had run out of! So overall, I'm pretty happy.
  15. More kudos for Nordstrom! I head over there before I hit up any of the other stores...only because of their superior customer service. When I have had the chance encounter with a snobby or lazy SA, it's clear that it's an isolated incident...and not the company as a whole. Yay Nordie's!