Good contrast color to go with Izmir blue cdc?

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  1. I recently purchased a cdc in shiny croco Izmir blue and was thinking of buying a couple more thinner bracelets to stack. What do you think are good colors that contrast with that blue? And if you can put up pics of any Hermes contrasts that you own with Izmir blue, that would be super awesome
  2. Congrats on scoring one of the most beautiful gator cdc colors. I think Pink and yellow will be great contrast colors for blue.
  3. Neutral color is great too
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  4. I love purple with blue so I suggest Anemone or Ultraviolet.
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  5. May I ask if the BI CDC is ghw or phw? This may help guide answers also.
  6. My CDC has ghw. Thanks for the suggestions!!
  7. White looks good too, especially for summer.
  8. I love orange with BI.
  9. Yes!! I was thinking of orange too :smile:)
  10. I just had the Chicago boutique source me a Bleu Izmir double tour behapi with Prune as the contrast. It is gorgeous. They are shipping it to me.
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  11. yes, i totally agree - a neutral is great balance/offset to a beautiful bright:heart::heart::heart: