Good contact lens solution??

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  1. Hey all!!! This is the first time I post on this area of Tpf. If this has been asked before, point me in the right direction!! I used the AMO Moisture Plus lens solution that was recalled a few months ago. I think it was the best out there. Since then I've been using the Alcon moisture one and my lenses feel like I wash them with sand. I use disposable lenses and I've never had that feeling before. :push:

    So, can anyone recommend a brand of lens solution? TIA!!:yes:
  2. I used to use Alcon too and thought it was great. THEN I tried Ciba Vision's Solo Care Aqua. It is amazing! :tup: :tup: :tup: I got it from my aunt in Europe though, the US version is called AQuify. I haven't tried this version yet, but I'm sure it is the same thing with a diff. name ;)
  3. I use AOSEPT Plus or something like that and I really like it cos it's only one-step.
  4. Thank you!!
  5. I use Bausch & Lomb's. Works pretty well, I've never used anything else.
  6. I use opti-free replenish.
  7. I use Solo Care Aqua. I use to use Amo Complete. I haven't had problems with either of these.
  8. Ha ha, I'm cheap, I use Walgreen's or Costo (Kirkland) brands. They work just find for me.
  9. Me too! I can't use anything else or it burns my eyes. This stuff works really well for me.
  10. I use the Aocept Clear Care and also the Opti Free if I need to rinse them. I find those at Costco, too!
  11. Clear Care is amazing!

    It's also fun to watch it bubble and fizz =)
  12. Another vote for AOSept Plus. I changed to this after thinking i was going to have to give up contacts. After 5 years i seemed to develop a sensitivity & kept getting conjungtivitis. :sad: It seemed i may have developed a sensitivity to the preservatives in contact solution. AOSept Plus apparently has none & my sensitivity has completely gone! :tup:
  13. opti-replensh is good, my optometrist told me that particular solution is better with getting the lens oxygen
  14. I agree that Solo Care Moisturizing is probably the best, as recommended by my optometrist.
  15. My favorite is Aqua Soft which you can get at 1-800-Contacts. Every other brand burns my eyes.