good concealer?

  1. Any suggestion for good concealer? I''m currently using MAC and it makes my face more oily. I'd like to try something new. TIA!:heart:
  2. i like to use cargo. it comes in a silver tube and is sold at sephora. its about $20.
  3. Amazing concealer from sephora. It covers anything and has never irritated my skin.
  4. I love my Mary Kay concealer!
  5. I've tried soo much crap. Bobbi Brown,MAC, Bare escentuals, clinique, cover girl, and now on Chanel.

    I have not really liked any, and that's why every time I run out I switch to a new brand..

    i dont have pimples or anything really, my face is just oily, and it all melts off after a little bit and I have to re-apply. I'm starting to think all makeup you have to re-apply throughout the day though :/
  6. i like benefit's 'industrial strength' Boi-ing concealer. covers all that can be covered of my dark circles (and anything else i want to cover as well).
  7. Shishedo ! (under eyes)
  8. Laura Mercier...for years always voted the best by Allure. They have it in many varieties including a pncil for pin point coverage.
  9. YSL Anti-Cernes Multi-Action concealer is great--it's very lightweight on your skin.
  10. YSL touche eclat.
  11. Laura Mercier!
  12. Love it too :yes:
  13. MAC studio finish, or MUFE full cover
  14. Cle de Peau is the best concealer available. It is pricey (About $68) but worth the money. I also use Dermablend quite frequently (I am a makeup artist/stylist in Vegas) to cover scarring and tattoos.
    The problem with concealers, no matter what brand, is that most people over blend them or choose the WRONG shade. Use a concealer brush for application and try to avoid over blending with your fingertips. Also, if you're using it for under eyes, you must use an eye cream first (I like M.A.C. Fast Response Eye Cream) to avoid caking.

  15. Unfortunately, you generally do have to re-apply through out the day, ESPECIALLY if you have oily skin!! Try some blotting papers as this will help you. But hey, look on the bright side, you will have FAR less wrinkles than your dry skinned friends down the road!:yes: