Good color for everyday bag?

  1. Hi.....

    I am trying to decide on a good color for an "everyday" bag. I have been using my black city, but I would really like to keep it in new condition so I am going to purchase another. I also have a white city and an ocean city. I am leaning toward a brown....
    (I am a graphic designer for a printing company...I usually wear jeans and tennis shoes to work)

    I have found a new Truffle city that I might be able to get for a good price, but in the pics the leather looks lighter in spots. I'm not sure if it's just the lighting or if it's the nature of the color.

    Then there's a Cinnamon City that I have my eye on. The Cinnamon City is new but the leather is very distressed - I'm not sure if I like that or not.

    How about a Cafe they look brown IRL or very close to black?

    My daughter thinks I should go with something a little brighter....maybe a Sienna City?

    :confused1: I am having a terrible time making a decision......:shrugs:
  2. I LOVE Sienna
    it's sort of artsy, chic, retro all in one
    but I think any of your choices would be great
    good luck on your decision - it's always SO hard!
  3. Truffle is a nice color.
  4. Black, Antracite, Truffle, Sapin.......IMO, the dark colour is suit with everything.
  5. Truffle is really nice but make sure to find out if there are spots on the Truffle you found. Another good brown would be Veet Fonce from this season. Cafe looks almost black so I would say no to that since you have a black City already! Good Luck and keep us posted!
  6. I have a cafe day and I LOVE this color. I don't think anyone would mistake it for black. It is a dark brown. I think of it as looking like a dark chocolate candy bar as opposed to a milk chocolate candy bar. I adore it!!!!!
    If I hadn't gotten cafe from the last season, I thought Monago was just beautiful. It is dark too, but with a touch of a burgandy color. JMHO! Good luck!!!!
  7. I vote for Sienna or Vert fonce!
  8. sienna's a good choice! it's a warm tone which you don't have yet. i like brown but between black and brown i'd go for black, almost always.