good college bags

  1. i'm starting college in the fall but i don't know whether or not i should use a shoulder bag or a much dreaded backpack.

    if i use a shoulder bag, i would be using a herve chapelier shoulder bag.

    any suggestions on what kind of backpacks i should use?
    or should i continue using the shoulder bag?
  2. I interchange pending on how fast I'm trying to run out the door. So I use both kinds, my backpack is a black lesportsac, waterproof is important to protect my precious laptop.
    And I use a lot of diff shoulder totes whenever I feel like carrying a tote.
    I say its handy to have one of each kind if possible.
    Good luck finding something that fits your needs!
  3. Maybe get one that has a longer, detachable strap so you can wear it like a messenger bag.

    I'm using a hand-held this year. I've always used a shoulder bag.
  4. Welcome to the PurseForum, fuschia. This is a popular topic, and I'm sure you will get some more replies. In the meantime, do a search on the board for "college" "university" and "law school" for all kinds of ideas.
  5. i interchange between a tote and my messenger bag. it just depends how much im carrying on a certain day.
  6. Use a shoulder bag. No one really uses backpacks anymore. The Herve is a good one. That's what I used and my sister uses. A Longchamp bag is also good.
  7. i agree about the herve, they are the best for school! you can really load it with books, laptop, etc, and not worry about it ripping! also, the handles are very sturdy, and are pretty comfy, even with a ton of stuff in it.

    i usually keep an LV pochette in mine, and if i need to, i can dump the herve in my car, and just grab the pochette to run for lunch or whatever! plus the pochette keeps my essentials organized (phone, money, keys). you could always do the same with a wristlet though.
  8. throughout college i used a Kenneth Cole Reaction messenger bag...poor college student lol
  9. I vote for a Cannes tote by has a detachable shoulder strap and handles. Very big and practical for school! You can even fit a laptop into it!
  10. i've always use shoulder bag for school, its only walking around campus that i carry it most of the time i'm driving..
  11. WOW! No backpacks!

    I almost always start a new semester fantasizing about how I will tote around my books, pens, and paper in a cute bag. Like this upcoming semester, Im thinking ooooh how about the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After satchel in chocolate? Gorgeous bag right? Practical? Yes. Practical for school? Nahhhh. I dont know about you guys but Ive got a sh*tload of books. Im taking probably 18 units which is like 4 classes and an *elective* and I will prolly have 3 books per class in addtition to any readers that are assigned. If I only need one book per class per day, thats still 3 books and 3 readers, my wallet, makeup bag, cell, and water bottle...and the RM morning after or any other handbag aint gonna cut it. Maybe my MBMJ faridah would work on light school days (LOL) but in all honesty, this is why I keep my trusty Jansport around. When youre carrying that kind of load, you need a two strapped bag (in the form of a backpack) no matter how un-cute it is.

    Just my 2 pennies
  12. And I forgot about laptops! LADIES!!!!!! Have you ever tried to tote a laptop around in anything other than a specifically made "laptop bag" or backpack!? Its a freaking nightmare. Heavy, uncomfortable...just pisses me off thinking about it. When it comes to toting a laptop around school, I typically dont. But if I have to, I will use my backpack or a specifically labeled "laptop bag" but not some bag that I have and is big enough to fit a laptop and then I go and rename it a "laptop bag" Nooo. Everytime I have done that, I suffer! Either the straps are not strong enough to accomodate the computer, or ergonomically its not the best idea and you can feel it all throughout your bodyand so on and so forth.

    2 more pennies from me
  13. Foxiyellow, how did you find the Cole-Haan Paige tote for carrying laptops, etc.? (Saw from the post above that you had one.)
  14. I've always used totes and messenger bags. I just bought the cutest one from Victoria's Secret for the upcoming semester - I can't wait to use it!
  15. I use a shoulder bag (like a tote) thats really really big just to hold things like water and snacks, books and notebooks... I tried to use a backpack but I've always hate them so I couldn't bring myself to it haha