Good Coach Karma today !


champagne tastes
Mar 20, 2011
Found these beauties at a garage sale. Got them ALL for $50!! They are in excellent almost like new condition. (Hope I've got their names right)
1) a Soho Legacy black slim duffle
2) a Soho black leather hobo
3) a Signature mini shopper
4) a vintage USA Coach City Bag


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I was floored. It was noon! the sale had been going probably 3 hours at least, and it was the last one we went to for the morning. I saw them and quickly looked around (feeling like a cat in the jungle spotting prey), thinking to myself "are those REAL? why are they still HERE??" When I got them home I did the usual authentification and creed checks and they all look great! There were lots of other people there, other women looking at various things. I guess because they weren't your typical $2 garage sale priced items, nobody realized the value, or didn't want to pay that much at a garage sale. I was more than happy to buy them - haha :yahoo:
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