Good Choo contact in Uk?

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  1. Ladies, I am heartbroken and need help. My purple/aubergine mahala "walked itself" out of my Marriott villa during my new years vacation in palm springs and now I am tasked with replacing her when jchoo and net-a-porter are sold out. I think I read somewhere where the London stores may still have the color. Does anyone have the name of a good SA there or know how I can order it from the UK and get it shipped here? Any suggestions are appreciated? Thanks

  2. Hi lionlaw,

    I'm so so sorry about the purple mahala.:sad: Its horrible when things like that happen, hope it didn't ruin your NY celebrations too much. Anyway, I bought a purple mahala on the first day of the sale from the London Sloane St boutique. When I went there last week (on Thurs), they still had one on display so I would recommend ringing them. The no is
    + 44 207 823 1051. You can ask for an SA called Emma, she is very friendly. If they don't have the anymore she should be able to locate one for you.They are 30% off right now. Good luck !
  3. drpn21 - did you see what else was on sale??

    Sorry for asking.. its just i'm abroad and non jc store in sight :sad:
  4. That is just awful news, lionlaw. I hope the hotel can catch the culprit somehow. Good luck with the replacement.
  5. I am so sorry for you lionlaw :crybaby: What an awful thing to have happen and I am sure it must feel like you were violated :cursing:

    I hope you are able to locate one and I truly hope they catch the thief :death:
  6. Thanks everyone for the good wishes. I will call the London store tomorrow and see if they will ship it. Thanks to drpn21 for the contact info!!
  7. Lionlaw, I am so sorry this happened to you! I don't know how many times I've thought that I would be devastated if my bag was stolen....not for the stuff in it, but just for the bag! :crybaby:

    Will the hotel reimburse you for the cost of the bag? Good luck, I really hope you're able to find another one!! :yes:
  8. so sorry lionlaw:sad:....let us know if you are able to locate one!:yes:
  9. thanks. The hotel is claiming that the housekeepers are honest, but no way anyone could have gotten into the room without a key so I find their story bull. We paid a lot for the timeshare with Marriott though, so hopefully they will do the right thing.
  10. I'm so sorry to hear that...what a horrible way to start off the new year! I've been lusting after a purple Mahala, so I really feel your pain. Good luck with finding another!

  11. Hi mimi,

    They had most of the stuff on sale on the website. In addition I saw the purple mahala, biker green Ramona, lots of shoes. I haven't been to the Bond St store yet. H Nicks also had a reasonable selection in the sale. Wouldn't bother with selfridges /Harrods though -hardly anything there.
  12. Lionlaw -the boutiques here in London are down to 50% today. Hope you get a purple mahala for 50% off -hopefully getting it half price will take a little of the sting out of having your first one stolen. let us know how it goes.