Good Choice For Everyday Necklace?

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  1. Hi ladies!
    Yesterday dh took me to Tiffany's for a one year smoke free gift. I've been wanting something very simple for everyday wear. Originally I was going to get the small Victoria pendant, but it wasn't really that small/delicate on me, and the mini was too small. We were between the Aria and a .34 DBTY. I decided on the Aria because it just sparkles like crazy, and dh preferred it. What do you all think? Good choice or not?
    image-3814260116.png image-3712319152.png image-3833776075.png
  2. I have a huge preference for the victoria but this suits you very nicely! congrats!
  3. It's very, very pretty! Congrats!
  4. You made a great choice...your necklace is gorgeous!!
  5. It's gorgeous! And congrats on 1 year. Two good choices!
  6. I totally agree.
  7. ^ I also agree.
  8. it looks great! congrats on your 1 year smoke free!
  9. Its perfect on you!
    Congrats on one year smoke free! and on your beutiful necklace
  10. I love Victoria!! I'm shocked that I didn't love the pendant on me. I ADORE the earrings, but they were droopy on me so I was really disappointed. But the Aria earrings were adorable! So that really swayed me too. And the Aria band! It's incredible...;)
  11. Thank you ladies! I always need reassurance after a big purchase lol!;)
  12. Awww thank you ladies! It was definitely an incentive thinking about milestone prizes hehe!
  13. I think it looks great and is perfect for every day.

    Congratulations on being one year smoke-free! What a great accomplishment :hugs:
  14. Congrats again. I think the Aria earrings would be a great match to your pendant. You can get the earrings down the road;)

    I agree, the Aria band is stunning! Enjoy your new pendant.
  15. It's a beautiful choice!!

    I wear a very heavy (heirloom weight) platinum curb chain with a tiny discreet Diamond initial on it - everybody assumes its silver so I don't worry about it, and it has a fantastic clasp.