Good-bye work life, hello student life - INSEAD MBA time!

  1. I got into INSEAD business school (dual campuses in Singapore and France as well as an exchange at Wharton). I'm doing all 3 campuses in 2008.

    I read the acceptance on my bf's Treo and was shocked. Everyone else was pretty happy for me though and my dad proceeded to tell all of the guests at our bbq.

    It's going to be really sad and scary to leave my friends, bf, and family though AND have no income for a year (might do an internship though). Ok, money's really the scariest thing because I have to pay about $9000 in 2 weeks for the deposit. I also have to take out who knows how much in loans. So I'll be more of an observer next year and will have to live through you ladies!

    Any tips from any INSEAD alumni or anyone in Singapore or Fontainebleu/Paris? Would love to hear about cheaper food and sales in each area.

    I would love to attend meet-ups in Singapore, France, or Philadelphia too!
  2. Sounds like much fun!!

    Will definately be up for a Singapore meetup when you're in town! Feel free to PM me for more details on anything about Singapore that you're curious about! :smile:
  3. Wow!! Congrats on your acceptance! Having less money than you're used to while you're in school will take some adjustment, but think about the long-term benefits. I plan to go back for my MBA in a year or two, also. All the best to you!!
  4. Thanks gals! Yep, I was overwhelmed when I estimated the $100k price tag the other day. That and the logistics of finding short-term housing in 2 other countries. Hopefully it will be a great personal and professional experience.

    Any tips on Fountinebleau and Singapore would be appreciated too (esp. for the poor student!)