Good Bye--my 255 reissue 226

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  1. I think I decide to return my reissue bag because I am worried about this metalic light gold will be too fragile. Post the pic before I return it tomorrow. I still love it but I can't deal with it. sad! :graucho:

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  2. its pretty!! but if you can't put the maintenence into it, i think you made a great decision!
  3. That's too bad, it's such a pretty bag. I find the metallic tougher than lambskin.
  4. uhhh...its a beauty
  5. Well, if you're in doubt returning it would be a tough decision but it looks gorgy!

  6. Yes. but it looks like I have used it for a while. Look at its skin. so many wrinkles. :smile: :yahoo:
  7. Oh no honey, this is the whole point of it being a "reissue". It is supposed to look vintage, therefore the distressed leather. Too bad you're returning her, she is a rare beauty...imagine how much it costs now(and in another 6 mos, WHEW!).

  8. Last pic. How it looks like? I don't think it looks good on me though.

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  9. You should keep it. The reissue is supposed to be wrinkled.

  10. Thanks folks. I just feel that I have to spend too much energy on taking care of it. I bought it before its price goes up in this Aug. But I have to return it because I hate treating the bag like baby :smile:
  11. I have a 226 matte bronze from 09A. It may be one of the easiest to care for out of all the flaps I own--and I am very particular about my bags and their care. burberryprncess is right in saying metallics are tougher than lambs(like my mini flap). You shouldn't have to baby it, save for avoiding denim rub off/transfer(just make sure it deos not come into contact with denim).

    All in all, you should be fine with that bag. But, if you won't use it, it isn't worth keeping despite it's comaparatively "lower" price.
  12. My metallic reissue flies out of her carseat and onto the floor every time I slam on the brake. She's my daily beater and she's still looking great with only slight rubbing due to my own fault.
  13. haha, SUPER reissue, away!

  14. My issue with this bag is that sales in NM already brought me 5 of these bags and none of them are perfect. They are either has deep wrinkle at the bottom(not the wrinkle reissue is supposed to have) or has other small issues. I want to find a perfect brand new bag if I spend on it for over $3000.
  15. All reissues are stored flat w/o stuffing in the stores, therefore the fold/crease running the length of its base as you noticed. It may be lessened over time if you stuff the bag fully when you store it at home. All my reissues have the fold/crease at the base. I could be mistaken, but I highly doubt you'll find one without that crease.

    Anyway, your mind seems made up regarding the return of this bag. I can only wish you luck in finding one that will fit the bill, so to speak.
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