good-bye coco cabas

  1. I'm not totally in love with my coco cabas. I tried to convince myself that it would suffice as a work bag, and despite all of the advise the fellow pf'ers gave me... I went against my better judgement and purchased it anyway, and it is just not working as a "work bag".

    I am planning to sell it. What is availability like on this bag now? I have no choice but to put it on ebay, and wanted to see what everyone's thoughts were on price. Should I sell it for what I paid, less than what I paid, or more than what I paid?

    It's 2 months old, no wear signs, black caviar--smaller version. Purchased from the NY Chanel Boutique.
  2. I just want to clarify, my bag is not the "baby cabas", it is the smaller version of the original cabas with the 2 large CC's on the side.
  3. Post it on ebay for $100 over list (starting price) to at least see if you can break even after fees. I think the large leather bags are hard to find, so you may be able to sell it. Good luck!
  4. thanks! I don't live near any Chanel retailers, so I truly have no idea how accessible they are. Thanks for the advise! I looked on ebay just now, and it looks like most of the auctions are for the "baby" cocos.
  5. just a friendly reminder for people NOT to contact one another about buying/selling here ;)

    That said, I'd check eBay, including ENDED auctions to see what they're going for.