Good Buy or Mistake? Epi Jasmin

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  1. There is a thread in the Authenticity section about this very auction, and several posters said it was real. It looks real to me, too, and I have 2 epi bags in black. Even then, I'd have it authenticated, but I'm obsessive that way.
  2. I think it's a FABULOUS bag!!! Are you bothered by pen marks?
  3. I love it!!! Its gorgeous!!! I would love one in Vanilla!!! (my never ending quest of finding a NEW one!!! lol) Enjoy it. I think its great!
  4. I think the penmarks, and creases might bother me, but it's a pretty good deal, and those things you probably won't notice since after you start enjoying the bag...
  5. I posted the thread on Authenticity... am just real paranoid when it comes to eBay... believe me I am going straight to LV the minute I get it...
  6. It's a nice classic bag :yes:
  8. i love it- it is a pretty bag and i think it's a great price!
  9. i reckon its really beautiful! black is always a safe colour and a great colour in any bag collection!
  10. That was a good deal. I think it's a staple piece for any collection.
  11. Great deal, congrats
  12. I think it was a pretty good deal.. I was checking it out too!! LOL!!
  13. I have this bag and love it!
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