Good Brush Set..Not Too Expensive?

  1. I'm looking for a good brush set that has all the basics. I definantly want something thats good quality but I dont want to spend a TONNN of money. Any one have any suggestions?

  2. Have you tried Sephora? They have a lot of really reasonably priced brush sets that are pretty good quality:

    I also really like Sonia Kashuk's brushes. They're relatively inexpensive, very soft, and don't shed. This is the only set I found from her though:
  3. I have a small set from Sonia Kashuk, and they shed all over my face :sad: After im done with my makeup i always have to pluck off a bunch of little black things
  4. I like Bare Escentuals brushes. Also--Smashbox makes great ones and a lot of times, you can get sets from Qvc where you buy a prodcut and the brush comes with it too.
  5. Are they from the mini travel set? I have several of her full size professional brushes (the ones that are black and have curved handles) and haven't had any problems with them so far :shrugs:

    And I totally forgot about MAC's brushes. They have really good ones too!
  6. How about MAC? They have a bunch of sets out right now for Holiday. They're super cute, too.
  7. I vote MAC....i love the brush sets they have. and theyre only like 50 bucks!
  8. IMO the mac holiday brush sets are the best deal right now. Besides that the Sonia Kashuk (not the sets) are the best cheaper brushes I've seen.
  9. okay im gonna go look at MAC..thanks girls!
  10. i was going to suggest the shu uemura holiday brush set too! i sent the links to all my friends because they were asking me about affordable yet good brushes. shu uemura is the best of the best when it comes to brushes!
  11. I'm not really into sets. I buy my brushes individually so that I can ensure that they are all good quality and exactly what I want/need.

    As far as inexpensive brushes go, I second the recommendation for Sonia Kashuk. I've been using the same $5 eyeshadow brush from Target for about 4 years now. It has withstood about a dozen cleanings and has lasted just as well as brushes that were almost 10x more expensive!

    Another inexpensive brand I really like is Japonesque. They go on sale at Ulta all the time and you get really nice brushes for the price. Even though I don't like sets, I bought their travel set that comes in a little tube just because I thought it was so cool...
  12. I really am starting to dislike my MAC blush brush # 129 constantly sheds and the rest loose their quality after cleaning them a couple times with the MAC brush cleaner liquid. I'm so annoyed!
  13. i've also heard that going to your local craft store, etc Michael's or sumthing other has art brushes very very similiar to you ordinary mac quality brush. look up "enkore makeup" on youtube, he has a video about this!
  14. OMG! I just stumbled upon his video the other day and saw this recc too! How funny! :yes: I think i'm going to try this too. There seems to be a lot more brush sizes offered in the art dept.