Good bra for very low cut tops?

  1. Can anyone please recommend a good bra to wear with very low cut tops, pls recommend both regular bras and strapless ones...

    For some reason no bra I wear ever fits me. I got measured at Victoria's Secret and they claimed I was either a 32A or 32B and neither of those bras fit me, they are both too big! When I wear one of their "Secret Embrace" bras in 32A it always rides up, I mean the bra cup will show when I'm wearing a low cut v-neck. So I tried a 32AA bra from Wacoals I believe and that doesn't fit right either, it also "shows" when I'm wearing a low cut shirt (these are just regular Ed Hardy v-cut t-shirts, nothing too extreme).

    Where can I find a bra that actually fits me? Thanls!
  2. If it rides up in the back, then the band is too big. See if you can find something in a 30A or a 30B. VS doesn't make a 30, so they probably just told you 32, because it was the closest size they had. I recommend going to a bra store and getting fitted by a professional. I hear that Nordstrom does a good job with fitting if you can't find a specialty shop.

    When you try on a bra, you should be hooking the middle hook. If you have to hook the tightest hook when it's new, it's probably too big. It should be comfortable, but not loose. If you have to hook the loosest hook or if it feels pinchy or binding, it is too tight.

    A bra should not ride up or gap or move around. It should stay in place comfortably around your back. That part in the middle between the cups should always lay flat against your chest. If it doesn't, you need to go up a cup size.
  3. all my bras are from Gap. i love their low-cut t-shirt bra (see below). they're very comfortable and they fit very well

  4. Victoria's Secret has a bunch of plunge bra's for low cut shirts. If it rises us then your straps are most likely not adjusted right and if there is a lot of space in your cups then you might want something with a little more padding? Or go down in a size but keep the width.
  5. My girlfriends all swear by bras from Intimacy. They fit you and suggest bras that will best meet your needs. I have attached the link. The bras are not cheap but they fit great.
  6. I found a really good bra (with underwire for support even with minimal coverage) at my local boutique. I can wear it under outfits with plunging necklines and not have to worry about over exposure and not having support. Barenecessities carry this style -,search,.htm

    Forgot to mention I got the 32B. Since it's a Brazilian brand, the sizing may be smaller than VS. I also couldn't find a good fit with VS bras.
  7. Thanks for all your replies. I'll definitely look into Nordstroms and the bare necessities bra looks good as well. The Gap one looks good too but the cups seem kind of big , while BareNecessities appears more low plunge.

    Intimacy bras look good too and there's a location that's close to me so I might have to try them out too.

    Yea, I'm also very petite and skinny, (5 ft tall and probably around 85 lbs, lol) so that's probably why bands keep riding up on me.

    A lot of times I feel like the cups are too big, I like them to be really small and very low-cut.

    I'll let you guys know if any of these work for me. Thanks again.
  8. jackie-- I would love to hear your feedback if you find any good bras. I'm also tiny and I have a difficult time finding bras in general.
  9. Ok, so I ended up going to Nordstroms and I asked to be fitted. The sales girl there was SO NICE and she bought me tons and tons of stuff to try on. I pass by their lingerie department all the time but I've always been kind of intimidated and never asked to be fitted, I've only gone to Victoria's Secret for bras before and their stuff doesn't fit me right at all.

    I never had sales people stay in the room with me when I was trying bras on so that was kinda weird at first but she was really nice so I got over the initial shock of changing in front of a stranger.

    Turns out I'm actually a 30A, I never even thought of that, I just assumed that my cup size was wrong. I ended up buying 2 La Perla bras (one was from the Malizia line) and one Simone Perele bra. The La Perla bra's are amazing, they fit INCREDIBLY well and they don't show at all under very low cut shirts, I think they were probably made more for petites. It's the first time I tried La Perla and it was amazing, you should definitely try it if you are petite. One of the La Perla's I bought was so adorable, it has a lace strip running down the back, it's so cute and sexy!

    She also had me try the white version on and it looked like something you would wear under your wedding dress and I tried on a bra from Chantelle too and I think that brand probably also fits petites quite well although the cup was a teeny bit big for me.
    I wouldn't mind getting more La Perla's in every color but they are so expensive, perhaps next time.

    I never thought I could spend that much on bras, I almost had a heart attack at the cashier. I really think they are worth it though. Also, their lacy bras are almost seamless and look very smooth even under t-shirts and silk shirts, at least the ones that I tried on did. They are perfect :woohoo:

    I would also recommend Simone Perele for petites, those also fit me really, really well.
  10. I have been looking for this bra! Thanks for posting Bubbleloba!

  11. Good to hear you found your size. I love La Perla, too, although it can be addicting... they really are the best.

  12. Im glad you had a good experience at Norstrom's and found some great bras. The only way you can tell is by trying them on. I almost always get refitted when I buy just to be on the safe side. If you go to Intimacy make certain to be fitted as they have a differnt way of sizing than the traditional way Nordstrom's does. At Nordstroms I was a 34DD or DDD while at Intimacy I was a 32F or 32G. Go figure. I say "was" because I had a breast reduction 2 weeks ago. I'm petite and I just couldn't stand how big I was. I hope I end up being a 34C so I can get some La Perla's also. As an aside, did anyone get Nordstrom's October 2007 Intimate Indulgences catalog? I just got it yesterday. Pretty photography and beautiful lingerie.