Good Blush for Pale Skin?

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  1. I normally use NARS "Deep Throat" ... classy title. Anyway I guess in the summer when I'm tanned it looks good. With the lighting in my house, when I do my makeup, it looks fine but when I go to work or elsewhere and I check myself out in the bathroom, I just look sunburned and silly, I've realized. :Push: And my brother calls me red face :lol:. But I'm DEFINITELY not applying too much.

    Any recommendations from ladies with pale skin? I don't want to make myself appear tan or bronzed... I like the pale look. I just want something that compliments my skin tone. TIA :flowers:
  2. I have fair skin and really like Benefit's "Georgia" in the winter months. It is a really, light peach and smells great!
  3. It does smell nice! But it's so light it doesn't even show up on my skin =/
  4. I use MAC Blush in Coygirl.
  5. I've used Benefit Dandelion and NARS Orgasm. Both are great. Dandelion is more of a pure sheer pink where Orgasm has a peachy/pink hue.
  6. Dandelion and Orgasm are both good suggestions. If you can find it, Becca cheek cream in Blossom is soooo pretty--its a dewy light peachy pink. Or Tarte cheek stain in Dollface (very pale pink) might be good...
  7. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
  8. I also use dandelion, and benetint with it.
  9. I use MAC blush in Blushbaby and I'm pretty fair. I've used it for a long time and I don't think I would ever use anything else.
  10. another vote for dandelion. i've been using it for years and i'm still in love. it's that perfect just in from the cold flush. i'm a mac nc15 if that helps.
  11. I use Clinique blusher in Blushing Berry. It looks dark on the pot, but with a light hand it comes on a very natural flush.
  12. can anyone recommend more MAC products? i'm going to be stocking up tomorrow.

    btw, georgia by benefit gets my vote too.. too bad I accidentally threw it out =/
  13. I use a blush from Chanel called Turbulent, it looks scarily pink in the compact but a light sweep across my cheeks gives me a very healthy pink doll glow. I'm NW20 for comparison, its my most used blush.

    For MAC, Honour works well if I'm going for a neutral-brown palette. For a shimmer powder for evenings, Norweigan Wood is also lovely.
  14. i just did a review about 2 minutes ago (on claireZks thread on reviews) on my Bourjois blush in Rose Frisson. I love it. And im extremley pale. you should check it out
  15. If you can still find it, MAC Fafi beauty powder in Sassed Up is really pretty. It's pale apricot with gold sparkles. It's kind of like Orgasm, but more peachy and sheer, less dry looking and more shimmery. I :heart: it!!!