Good beauty deals at VS!

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  1. I think there's already a thread about the VS sale in Deals and Steals, but I just wanted to let you ladies know that there's a lot of good beauty stuff on sale at right now. Lots of Pout left, which I think is being discontinued? I tried to post a link, but it's not working.

    Anyway just go to Sale & Specials-->Beauty-->All Beauty

    I got all this stuff for only ~$60 + shipping :yahoo:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Nice!! Thanks for posting. I saw on the VS website that their Very Sexy perfume was on sale too. Do you think they have the sales in-store too? My mom loves this scent and for the price, I might just get it for her birthday right now even though it's not til February.

    Oh, and congrats on your new items!! Enjoy!!
  3. ^ Thanks! :flowers:

    Their sale is in stores too and the deals are usually even better IRL :yes:
    If you need any lingerie or VS brand toiletries now is the time to get it! I wanted to try VS Supermodel perfume so I got a set that comes with that, Love Spell shower gel, Strawberry lotion, an eyeshadow, a lip gloss and a clutch for $16.99. It wasn't an amazing deal, but I figured it was a good way to try the perfume since I liked everything else it came with.

    Also, the Pout lip plumper was only $13.99! I've ever never seen it on sale anywhere (MSRP is $24). They still had the clear one too, which is what I ordered.
  4. I was at VS over the weekend and alot of the make up was either 50% or 75% off. Not sure if the sale is still going on.
  5. they are having some pretty good deals in stores right now. but their semi annual sale starts in store TOMORROW!!!! :yahoo: (as in Thursday, Jan. 3) i love this sales!!!! me and my friend make an event out of it and generally goto 3 out of the 4 stores here in town the first night of the sale. but this time i really need to limit myself because i've banned myself from my VS credit card so we're only going to 2 stores this time.