good bag for carrying books/laptop/etc?

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  1. Hi guys, I'm new here but so glad I found this forum! I am definately a bag lover...Gucci, Burberry, etc. My current and all time fave bar none is a gucci horsebit hobo.

    Anyway, I will be a medical student next year and am looking for something cute, and very nice, but something that would be suitable and practical for carrying some of my school items around from place to place...This would mean possibly a laptop and sometimes some larger binders or even books. Of course I would never put anything TOO heavy in a nice bag, but looking for something that would be sturdy enough to hold up to some weight. I just hate the idea of carrying stuff in a backpack or a laptop case.

    Any thoughts? :smile:
  2. how big is your laptop?

    I use the Coach beaded tote for school and I can fit my laptop, 3 - 4 notebooks and there's still room for a 1in. binder.
  3. I have a thread dedicated to these bags. Type in Levenger or Franklin Covey in the search engine and it should pull it up. :smile:
  4. Welcome welcome and congrats on med school :smile:)! I say a large tote from Coach, or Kate Spade is a good durable pick. For my big carry all I'm loving my LV Cabas Mezzo. Good Luck!