Good/bad mail day

  1. Well, my mail today brought something good and something bad. On the good side, the ice blue coin purse I purchased from the lovely and charming jdy324 arrived.

    On the bad side, I ordered a Prada Trick from Yoox and received . . . an empty UPS box. Actually, it wasn't empty exactly. It contained my invoice and an empty Prada box.

    I called Yoox and they weren't very helpful. Just sort of, "We'll look into it and get back to you when we can." I paid from my PayPal balance, so I'm not sure exactly what to do.

    Edit: I just filed a PayPal dispute.
  2. so sorry to hear that (although congrats for the coin purse!). I don't know what it is with some of these online stores. They must be out of their mind. We'll look into its just doesn't cut it! :cursing:

    BTW, Yoox's site is so slow it drives me insane.

    I just bought a black shoulder Bbag from Styledrops, and they decided to charge my credit card more than $60 above the purchase price plus shipping. I emailed them about this two days ago and haven't heard jack. So now the onus is on me to file a dispute with my credit card? What a disgrace.
  3. Congrats on the arrival of your coin purse; I am so sorry to hear about your mishap with yoox. Things will work out for the best!
  4. Wow, Deco, charging more than you agreed to takes real nerve!

    I don't know what happened to good, caring customer service. It is so hard to find these days.

    By the way, we received four UPS packages today. All were left on the front porch. Two were from Amazon (for my husband), one from Sephora (for me) and the Yoox box. The Yoox box was the only one missing its contents. It did not appear that it was tampered with -- I cut the tape open myself with a knife.
  5. Oh no,I am so sorry to hear this! Save that box! Hopefully it was weighed without the bag in it so that will prove that it was never shipped. ...not sure what yoox place to buy bags? ebay seller?

    I so hope it works out for both of you girls!:heart:
  6. Yoox carries online bags and accessories. This is just so irksome!
  7. OMG!!! i'm so sorry bout the prada thing!
    but while reading your thread, all i think about is ur ice blue coin purse :drool:
  8. I hope everything works out for you Ronda!
  9. I hope it works out as well. I've bought a couple of times from Yoox, mostly shoes, boots etc...and never had a problem. This is really weird, especially since the box was not hurt. Sometimes customs open stuff. I once recieved a collector doll from the US, the box looked unopened but the doll inside was broken, head off. I knew and trusted the seller who assured me that everything was intact when it left her house. And after that I heard other stories of dolls getting their head pulled off since customs do look for drugs etc...
    I was so upset since there was no word of excuse and the package was sort of put back together.
    Keep us posted.
  10. Gosh...sorry to hear about that...You're right, great service is far and few between these days :girlsigh: Makes me hesitant to buy ANYTHING online, even from reputable websites...I have nearly banished ebay bc of all the horrible stories I've read on here :sad:
    Hopefully it all works out - good luck!! :heart:
  11. I've had a lot of trouble with as well! Twice they didn't give me the lucky breaks discount when I purchased through lucky breaks...! I had to call both times to make sure they gave me the discount...the statement came, and only one discount had been credited to me...! So had to call them again! Then, I finally returned both items early last week and until I called yesterday they didn't even begin to process the credit. When I called, she went and checked and said she would process the return that day--and only for one bag. She told me another bag they can't process yet, since there were still unopened boxes to look through but it was probably there!...and my tracking says they received it last week! For a couple of weeks, too, when I was trying to reach them about my order, their phones were down, and no personal email responses-- just a formal automatic response was sent to me! I am never ordering from them AGAIN!!! :wtf:
    sorry, I needed to vent!
    but Rondafaye-- hope u get ur prada trick! soon!
  12. Oh my gosh! Did the box look like it had been tampered with? Was it insured?
  13. No, the box didn't look tampered with. I cut open the tape. Of course, it could have been opened and retaped. It did look like someone just ripped the little Prada box open, because there was a section of the box stuck to a piece of separate tape.

    I heard from Yoox via e-mail. They asked me to close the PayPal dispute because I would either get a refund or a keychain, pending the UPS investigation. I am not going to do that, though, because once you close a PayPal dispute it cannot be reactivated.
  14. Congrats :smile:/condolences :sad:
    man, that is just so annoying!!!! I wonder if it's Yoox or UPS... good luck resolving this - if their customer service is at all service-oriented, they should either refund you or send you another one.... keep us posted on what happens!