Good baby game apps

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  1. Anyone can recommend some good baby game apps? They have to be available on Android. They don't have to be free. My daughter seems to have gotten tired of the ones we have on our tablet.
  2. How old is she?
  3. Bummer, I could've suggested a bunch of apple apps.
    I'd say check out
    They have lots of great app recommendations, free and not.
  4. My daughter is 16 months. She loves apps with make sounds. I'll check out We're sort of a Samsung family than Apple…:smile:
  5. Not sure if these are available for Android or not, but my 15 month old son currently loves:

    -The Monster At The End of This Book (it's a Sesame Street one)
    -Endless Alphabet
    -Peekaboo Forest
  6. My son (22 months) loves Elmo Calls (which I think is iOS only) and a Wheels On The Bus app.
  7. mine, 16 mths and 3,5 yrs old loves apps by baby bus, they have a number of different apps for a range of age, baby to toddler