good B-Bag ebay sellers..

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  1. Hello girls...
    I have just recently agreed to buy my first chloe and I am thrilled that I was able to find a wonderful Pf'er to help...

    I couldnt decide between the Chloe and the B'bag and after I made my decision, darling husband says" like them both so much...why dont you get a b-bag too!!"

    before he gets a chance to take it back I would love some tips on genuine ebay sellers cause there isnt anyone here in Canberra that stocks them and unless someone knows of a place in sydney, I am stuck with ebay..

    I dont want to steal any of your finds..he he..just some advice on ebay sellers to watch so that I can get an idea of their price and also that I am spending my hard earnt cash onthe real deal

    I am happy to get either a classique, a twiggy or a city asany one of these would be perfect for work or use as a casual bag for a mum of three who carries around everything (..including a kitchen sink at times :P )

    on another note, heres one I am considering in Sydney
    its seems ok..but being a novice I am not sure (is it ok to say I miss the MP!!)

    the only other one I am keen on is this one (It looks familiar..maybe it already has been posted here..?)

    is my only other option to try an online store?? and is so which one??

    thankyou ladies, you really are the best!!

    Alex (canberra):flowers:
  2. Please repost in the Authenticate This! sticky at the top of this Forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.