Good at finding things?


Jul 22, 2007
AHHHH if you are good at finding things, then help me...please! :rolleyes:
I really need to see a better close up of this dress but I don't have a picture so here is ALL the info I have:

For one, it is a prom dress. It is made in the year 2005. It is black and strapless. It has white or maybe very very light yellow flowers going down the dress. I can't exactly tell you what type of dress it is. It might have a skirt, but the girl who was wearing it was a little...well not fat, but curvy. The dress fit her nicely around the bust and hips. I know it wasn't a full skirt because of the fact that it fit her nicely around the hips. It did flare out at the bottom though. It's not a "mermaid" style dress, I know that for sure.
I don't know who the designer is but this girl has pretty expensive taste. I know she spent over $300 at the time she bought it.

The story:
This girl, I'm not really friends with her. If you must know, she is the girlfriend of my neighbor's son.
Anyways, she told me that I could wear this dress for my prom if I would like to and if it didn't fit then I could have it personally fitted to me. I mean, she only wore the dress once! Now I know you're thinking why don't I just ask her about this dress? WELLLL I never see this girl. Ever ever ever. In fact, I found out that I could borrow the dress from her passing the word along to me. I seen a picture of her and her date on prom night and the dress was beautiful but I want to see if more close up. I can't just go and check the dress out for myself right now but I for real want to see it! :yes:
Any suggestions?


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Jan 10, 2007
ummm... I don't think you're going to have much luck - black dresses are pretty common LOL. Can you scan and post the pic here?


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Feb 27, 2007
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here are a few places to look for maybe something similar: (a search specifically for black prom dresses)

goodluck hun, unfortunately i don't think you are giving enough info to get the help you're looking for!

might i suggest finding something similar or BETTER than the one that someone has ALREADY worn! you don't want to wear the same thing she wore somewhere else. find a better dress and make her jealous ;)


May 4, 2007
I'm confused by like the dress, the girl has been kind enough to go to the effort of passing on a message offering you the dress and letting you get her dress altered.....why don't you just ask for the dress??

And why make her jealous? The girl is offering her a dress for free that she actually likes....


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Nov 1, 2007
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I don't understand that either. If she offers it already, say thank you and you want it or not or ask for the designers name. It will be pretty hard to help you without a picture or at least the brand name.


Jul 22, 2007
Thanks for replying... I would just ask this girl to see it but I never see her. I don't have her phone number and she never spends any time online. I would just ask her boyfriend to get the dress or more info for me but I only see him on weekends and what not. I was pretty excited about the dress so I was hoping I could find a picture of it online to see it closer up than in the picture that they took at prom.
Sorry if the post was pointless?