good Asian food near Union square?

  1. I will be going to San Fran this week and was wondering if anyone have any recommendations on good Asian food near Union Square?

    ie. Chinese/Japanese/ Thai

  2. I think you're pretty near Chinatown if you're by Union Square, I think we walked there with in a few minutes. BF & I were in San Fran in March, and I remember the walk there being OK but the walk back to our hotel being a pain and seemingly more hilly!
  3. You may want to get directions to Chinatown, or Japancenter since they're both pretty close. I found it always easier when I went with my ex who spoke chinese though.. Since I'm a nub.

    Also, the Macy's has a Cheesecake Factory on its top floor, it's so good.
  4. There's a Japanese Yakitori and Sushi bar that is right next to Union Square called Hana Zen. My BF and I have been there a few times after a day of shopping.

    We've also discovered an amazingly good (and CHEAP) Korean food stand in the Westfield Shopping Mall called Sora Bol. It's in the food court in front of Bloomingdale's first floor. Then you can get amazing Cream Puffs at Beard Papa for dessert!

    There's also an Asian Fusion restaurant on the side of the Westfield mall that has the movie theaters. I don't recall the name, but it had a Malaysian or Singaporean theme to it. I liked their Lobster Pad Thai.
  5. Unfortunately, there's hardly any good Asian food in the Union Square area, and Chinatown restaurants are, well, mostly greasy and gross. (I'm an Asian-American living in San Francisco for 9 years now and have high standards for Asian food) For truly good Asian food, you'd have to travel west to the Richmond or Sunset neighborhoods where many immigrants from HK (and their awesome restaurants) are located.

    If you can't hoof it all the way out there, two decent restaurants in Chinatown are Great Eastern at 649 Jackson, and R&G Lounge on Kearny at Clay. They're not fancy at all...very casual, but the food isn't bad. You *could* walk there from Union Sq but there are tons of cabs around and that'd be a lot easier/quicker.

    There is a rather good Thai place off Union Square called King of Thai Noodles on Geary at gets busy at lunchtime and can be a zoo, but it's totally authentic and delicious.

    ETA: if you want incredible Vietnamese style garlic noodles and roasted crab, go to Thanh Long in the outer Sunset. It's a MUST!!!!
  6. Inside the Westfield Shopping Center, in the food court there is a restaurant called Out the Door. It's the sister restaurant to The Slanted Door, which is a highly acclaimed (and expensive) Vietnamese fusion restaurant. Out the Door has the same flair without the price tag, and it's kinda weird because it's in a food court, but still feels like an intimate restaurant at the same time (you go inside and angle to the left to the large sitting area which is separate from the rest of the food court). Dishes are kinda Chinese/Korean/Thai/Vietnamese fusion and run about $8-10 each.
  7. Urgh no recs but if yuo're willing to travel, i love japantown ...
  8. I think the restaurant is called Straits. Theres one here in San Jose and I think I remember someone telling me that they're opening a new one in SF. And I had lobster pad thai there...hrmm

    And BEARD PAPA! :heart: :heart:
  9. Yep, it's called Straits, there Lemongrass Beef is soooooo good(at least the one in San Jose). yum yum. 2 shops down is also Cocola and it's a good place to sit down and have a cup of coffee and pastry if you're tired from shopping.
  10. Medicine Eatstation
    161 sutter st, near union square! super yummy, clean tasting, not oily, fusion japanese food. vegan friendly. menu now includes seafood too apparently, i havent been there since last year when i visited san fran, but it was one of the places i frequented! that and millenium.