Good and trusted eBay sellers

  1. I love browsing on eBay and sometimes I am responsible for watching/not bidding. Part of the reason is I am really worried about buying fakes. When I am reading the posts here I see that sellers list real bags and ship fakes. It is bad enough for me to try to determine if the bag posted is a fake! Is there somewhere that lists trusted sellers? I know to look at the feedback but even then I am not sure
  2. Sorry for the added post but I was not able to use "edit". Also, is there any good reason why a seller would make all sales final if they are selling authentic bags? Thanks.
  3. Each Bag forum can recommend sellers... I would go there to the authenticate thread and see if someone can help... I sell authentic bags and make sales final bacause - eBay is a garage sale-not a retail store IMO. My items are described accurately and I include TONS of pics...someone knows exactly what they are getting from me. Returns opens the window to buyers remorse. I think that is the same thing you will hear from other sellers as well. Check in the individual forums and also do a search on this subject - you should get results I have seen threads like this before-good luck!
  4. Yes, so buyers will know there are no returns for buyer's remorse, or just not liking the style/color/shape/size of the bag when it was plainly described in the auction. ;)
  5. Thanks. I guess looking at it from a seller's perspective that makes sense. you guys have probably had a lot of issues with buyers.