Good alternative to Louboutin that does not look like a knock off????

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  1. I love the Christian Louboutin Very Prive 942 Pump, as well as the Patent Pump but don't think I want to spend $700 + for a pair of grocery store/running errands shoe.

    Does anybody make similar styles that are well made and comfortable? Preferably without the red heel ~ thanks!
  2. Hi nenner. Lots of shoe companies are doing the wrapped platform heels these days, without the red sole. Stave Madden does quite a number of them. Nine West, I believe, too. Aldo. Just take a stroll through your local department store's shoe department and you'll find more than a handful with the wrapped platform styling of the VP's, in all fabrics and colors.

    Happy hunting!
  3. Just like fatefullotus said, there are lots of shoe companies that are doing this style. I found some for you!

    [​IMG] Steve Madden Lollyy $99.95
    [​IMG]Steve Madden Blazzin $129.99
    [​IMG]Steve Madden Luxuryy Pump $99.95
    [​IMG] Mossimo Dulce Velvet $24.99

    Hope this helps! I think the Steve Madden Luxuryy ones are the best!
  4. Thanks~ where did you find the Steve Madden ones? Are they comfortable?
  5. are Oh Deer! shoes considered sort of a knockoff?? they make shoes that are pretty much dead on louboutins
  6. #1&2 from and the #3 from I have the "Lollyy" one. After a few hours, your feet hurts like hell.