Good AHA Body Lotion?

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  1. I am looking for a good drugstore brand body lotion with AHAs or BHAs. I have mild keratosis pilaris on my arms (those chicken-skin bumps) and these have helped in the past. I had a great one from Vaseline Intensive Care that has since been discontinued. I do not want to go to Sephora for a costly one because I use so much of it, it would be very expensive for me. Would like one with not too much fragrance, just your basic lotion with AHA.

    Any ideas?

  2. The few Derm's I've met w/ about this all recommend a good lactic acid lotion.
    Lac-Hydrin is one, most drugstores carry it.
  3. I love Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Lotion..It has Alphy Hydroxy and urea. Exfoliates quite well and leaves skin very soft and smooth...It works well for me and isn't very expensive.

    ETA: It's also fragrance free..
  4. I've used it and think it works well. You can usually find it at Costco, too.
  5. theres also one called AmLactin at the drugstore, its probably almost identical to the one Swanky mentioned. I have used a 15% glycolic body lotion before and it was FANTASTIC. its not drugstore, its from the medispa in Boston (but you can order it online). it retails about $40 a bottle but wow, it was really great... maybe i should start using it again
    SkinHealth Centers Glycolic Body Products
  6. I was just coming to post about AmLactin! I used it tonight!
    I have AmLactin and Lac-Hydrin and kind of alternate them, even though I'm pretty sure they're identical! LOL!
  7. I used it before and it is available at costco...not sure which one, LAc-Hydron or Amlactin. Are they really the same?
  8. yeah, pretty much
  9. Palmers do a great one ... its in the blue bottle. Its not as great smelling as the original cocoa butter range but i use it every night to keep my legs smooth.
  10. Doesn't Avon have a good one...? For a decent price...?
  11. ^^ There is. It's called Skin Bump Minimizer. I got some on ebay for $4. Through Avon's website it's $8.

    I am going to take Swanky's suggestion and look for AmLactin tonight at Costco.

    I've tried the Eucerin. It worked at first them stopped working. The one thing that did work was the Neutrogena Bump Minimizing lotion, but of course that is discontinued.
  12. Kiss My Face has one. I used to use it awhile ago.