Gonna have to cheat on Marc again...I need a timeless, classy, elegant work tote!

  1. Help me ladies..I dont know what to do. My thread about mbmj and work had def convinced me MBMJ is not cool for work.
    Im looking for a tote that can fit easily over the shoulder and over a winter coat. Im not too keen on Coach but I have been looking and have found nothing!

    What do you think about a Coach Legacy (non-C's, or any of that crap) in black?
  2. *shiver*....coach
  3. What about a MJ cinched tote? They are very roomy and classy.
  4. do you like bags from MJ main line? i am not sure whether black blake can fit under thick winter coat, but it sure is one classy tote for upscale office environment. the following single handle hobo bags from MJ main line are also great.

    Black Calf Leather Hobo

    Black Polina

    Black Capra Leather Satchel

    Black Blake

    (all photos taken from eBay)
  5. If you're gonna cheat on Marc, you should look into Chanel.

    very timesless and classic
  6. Banana Republic and J Crew have some pretty nice Italian leather totes and satchels in the $200-$400 range, if you're willing to go non-designer. They're ultra conservative so they would be appropriate for any work environment. Unfortunately I think this season J Crew doesn't have any black or brown leather bags (probably because it's the summer). I've never gotten one so I don't know how they would hold up, though.
  7. have you seen the fall 07 mbmj bags? some of the styles are a lot more classic than what he's had in previous years, and i think they're work appropriate. i work in a conservative nyc financial firm, and i know that i could wear these bags to work without upseting hr:




    my favorite is the last one. it's very big too, but rather pricey at $698.
  8. ^ I like the last one too!
  9. I LOVE the last one. Elegant and functional! I'd love to see the inside of it.
  10. See it? I'd like to smell it!

  11. LOL
  12. check pics on Eluxury for pics of the inside.... it's a very very nice bag...