Gong Xi Fa Cai - Red, Red and more Red

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  1. This is a long overdue post after my trip to London and Berlin at the end of 2009

    But it is kinda of timely, because it matches my Chinese New Year mood! :yahoo: DSCN0004.JPG
  2. ok! waiting for more!!!!
  3. I'm here!
  4. The smallest stuff first. Got this cute key chain which I think some other members have already shown but its extra special for me because I am born in the year of the tiger. Had to track this down and found it in Bond Street. Was not available in any of the other stores in London or Berlin. roar...roar...:nuts:

  5. Ooooo, another reveal! :woohoo:
  6. Now I was on a twilly search mission but the stores were really quite empty after Christmas. But I was lucky Selfridges just had some stock in and it matched something I bought earlier. Love the colour....Also managed to get it before the prices went up.

    DSCN0005.JPG .
  7. Then I was off to Berlin which was freezing and since I come from the tropics, the weather was a bit of a shock. It was really cold but gorgeous at the same time. A real winter wonderland. Of course, I could not leave without a little Hermes souvenier. But this time I felt a little blue because of the cold weather.... DSCN0007.JPG
  8. Now then back to London and by then I felt I needed to tighten everything up. So of course, a belt seemed very necessary....

  9. so far so good! looking for the last box!
  10. YAY a live one!!
  11. Finally the big item was calling me. I think I was very lucky because there were very little bags in both Berlin and London after Christmas but in Selfridges I managed to find an Evelyn which was something I had been lusting for. May I present my Miss Rouge Garrance in clemence! She is just perfect for me and probably one of the last PM 1 available. After seeing all the debates on the adjustable strap, I am glad I managed to find a non-adjustable strap which fits me fine especially when worn messanger style. :yahoo:. Love this red.... DSCN0011.JPG
  12. Nice! Great choices, congrats!!
  13. Now the final picture with the trinklets attached to the bag... And its a lot of red! Funny how everything kinda of matched at the end of the day. Perfect for Chinese New Year!

    Best wishes to everyone that celebrates Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Health, Happiness and Wealth for 2010!

  14. Love your Evelyne, it's gorgeous!

    Happy Chinese New Year!
  15. Wow! Gorgeous bags! Lots of health, wealth, and H to you in the new year!