Gong to Paris on monday,

  1. I want to buy a bag, I've been doing the LV's for a few years and think they are the best deals to be had there - money IS an object, so that makes it tough - staying on Ave. Montaigne, so I'll be tempted everyday - where would you send me????? Thanks for ideas ladies!
  2. Gerard Darel for boho style (Sofia Coppola, etc.) and Lanvin for uptown style.
  3. By the way, is LV cheaper when bought in Paris? Please advise!
  4. From my experience with making many handbag purchases in Paris, it is slightly cheaper and you get your taxes back if you spend over 150 Euros. I never bought LV's in Paris, but bought many, many, many Dior bags. :smile:
  5. Ladies, can you tell me exactly what you have to do to get your taxes back? Thank you!
  6. I had wonderful luck at the boutique for un après-midi de chien (if you like bright, funky nylon bags). They were far cheaper and had better designs than are available in the states. Make great souvenirs for your friends!
    The store is right on the Metro, here's the address:
    32, rue Etienne Marcel
    75002 Paris
    tel 01 04 39 00 07
  7. I don't have a shopping place advice but wish you a safe and fun trip! Definitely update us when you come back!:yes:
  8. Gerard Darel for sure
  9. Colette
    213 Rue Saint Honore

    a shop that sell everything, music, books and of course clothes and shoes, etc.
  10. TropicalGal, you will need to spend the require amount in the shop, fill in a VAT (value added tax) form, when you leave Europe, take the form and goods to the VAT counter at the airport, get the custom to sign and stamp the form, you can get the VAT back as cash straight away or credit to your credit card (this will take at least 6 weeks), when this is done, you can put all the goods back into your suitcase and check in at the airline counters.
  11. How about Balenciaga or Chanel bags? actually all European labels (especially French labels) are cheaper with tax refund.
  12. oh.

    i am jsut SO jealous.
  13. paris how exciting, I would go to LV and Dior.
  14. Yes, you need to fill out the VAT form. When you make your purchases from the store in Paris, the SA will automatically give you the form with everything filled out for you since all they do is stick the form in the register and it prints the totals and stuff on it. However, remember to request it as well, as some may forget. That is very slim though since they do it every day all the time since alot of purchases are by tourists! This applies to stores like Sephora and clothing stores, not just handbag places.

    Anyways, make sure you get to the airport in plenty of time before you leave Paris so you can drop it off at the VAT counter of your airline. Then your refund to your credit card should come in a month or two.

    I never had to show my purchases at the counter, but some people at the counter may make you.

    Bon voyage!
  15. it depends on the budget.....Hermes is cheaper too than the rest of the world!!!

    there`s one brand sooo french: Zadig & Voltaire.
    they have leather bags sooooo cute and the leather is so soft.


    also,if you wanna go local gerard darel is a good option.

    cute and cheaper Petite Mendigote.

    enjoy your trip!!!!!