Gone to the other side?

Jun 23, 2007
I turned my back on a perfectly gorgeous navy distressed lambskin handbag. I found it at Terminal 3 at Heathrow yesterday. It was a lovely bag. Quilted, with little camelias and a luscious all leather handle. I asked the SA what the bag was called and she said they do not name the bags any more because the Ritz Hotel in Paris got all upset about the Ritz bags. She was going to give me the style number. It was a frame style, which I love and really different looking. About $2300 I think. The tag stated "Large Tote Bag".
Anyway, I was in shopping heaven. So many places to explore while waiting for our flight. I really needed to have lunch, but stopped at Hermes. I know you will all forgive me if I tell you that I bought my first Hermes bag. I didn't even know what it was called, but I loved the shape of it and the color -- a really soft grey. Alas, there was a teensy tiny little spot on it which would not come off. They said they would get in touch with the manager to see if they could do something with the price. We went to lunch and came back. They offered me a 10% discount. I thought that was a good deal for Hermes. I had to pay a little duty when I got back, but now I have a French family living in my closet -- Chanel, LV, and Hermes!


May 11, 2006
Greater NYC area
Wow, congratulations on your Hermes. I have been visiting "the other side" quite a bit lately too! They are classics like Chanel too, so its all good! Post a pic and let us know what the name of the bag. So nice of them to give you 10% off too!


2 many Chanel bags!!
Jun 24, 2007
Chanel Land
You know they say you have to be at the airport at least 2 hours in advance of your flight?

When it comes to Heathrow Terminal 3, I go there FIVE hours before my flight just to shop :lol:!!